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Hues at Cascadia

Submitted on December 7, 2017 - 4:57pm

Two print exhibitions are on view at Cascadia Art Museum in Edmonds, Washington, through January 7, 2018. Territorial Hues: The Color Print and Washington State 1920–1960 is a look at color printmaking during that period. A book by David F. Martin accompanies that exhibition. Also on view is Contemporary Hues, a juried exhibition of work by members of Seattle Print Arts (SPA), an organization of print artists and print arts supporters. This is the first SPA exhibition to specifically feature color work.

Among the artists in these exhibitions are several alums, former faculty, and one soon-to-graduate student.

Territorial Hues

  • Glen Alps (MFA 1947 + faculty)
  • Mabel Lisle Ducasse (BFA 1923, MFA 1924)
  • Ambrose Patterson (faculty)
  • Viola Hansen Patterson (BFA 1925, MFA 1947 + faculty)
  • Ruth Penington (BFA 1927, MFA 1929 + faculty)
  • Helen N. Rhodes (faculty)
  • Elizabeth Warhanik (BFA 1936)

Contemporary Hues

  • Nikki Barber (BA 2014)
  • Becky Birinyi (BFA 1972)
  • Sheila Coppola (BFA 1982)
  • Julie Fisco (BA 2009)
  • Jennifer LaScala (senior in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts)
  • Kappy Trigg (BFA 1969)

Please let us know if we have missed someone.