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Students Win GRAY Award

Submitted on January 12, 2019 - 7:07pm
T1 Traveler
T1 Traveler designed by Grace Budgett, Perry Burke, and Andie Niebling

The GRAY Awards are held by GRAY Magazine, a Seattle-based publication that focuses on design in the Pacific Northwest. From more than 300 entries for the 2018 awards, eleven winners were chosen. The student category was won by Industrial Design students Grace Budgett, Perry Burke, and Andie Niebling for their T1 Traveler. Congratulations!

The students developed T1 Traveler in DESIGN 318 taught by Michael Kritzer during spring quarter 2018. The assignment was to have students develop a system that would help users relax. Team members observed a friend with type 1 diabetes trying to pack for a long trip with all their medical supplies. Clearly, it was a stressful task, and the needed supplies took up a lot of space. They soon discovered that no one had addressed the issue of designing a packing system that would be easy to use, be compact, and reduce the stress of travel for type 1 diabetics. They interviewed a number of people facing this challenge and went through several redesigns before completing the T1 Traveler.

More information about the T1 Traveler may be found on Perry Burke's website.

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