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IVA Open House

Submitted on May 29, 2020 - 12:36pm


While we started sharing the student work on June 1 through social media, circumstances made us decide to wait until later to continue that. We are also delaying the Instagram takeover by Kim Van Someren. In the meantime, feel free to peruse the work via the gallery and website links below.

The students in several spring quarter Interdisciplinary Visual Art (IVA) classes are sharing their work with you through a virtual open house. IVA is the largest concentration in our BA in Art major, and the students work in a variety of media.

In addition to the galleries and websites linked below, we will be featuring work by these students on the School's Instagram and Facebook feeds from June 1 through June 4. On June 4, there will also be an Instagram takeover by alum and staff member Kim Van Someren. She is the Instructional Technician who supports IVA (particularly in printmaking) and Painting + Drawing.

Ebb and Flow

Students in Timea Tihanyi's ART 400 (IVA Senior Studio) are presenting work in their capstone exhibition online. They spent the quarter housebound, making the best of the remote learning situation in their final quarter at UW. Their personal quarantine experiences contributed to a rich and diverse exhibition that is not only a candid snapshot of the moment but also a subtle commentary on life during pandemic. Featured are a broad spectrum of media from painting, works on paper, webcomics, animation, to digital projects, sound art, meticulously crafted sculptures, web apps, poetry, and interactive installations. In addition to the gallery of images, each student's name links to the webpage(s) they created in the Senior Studio class to represent their work.

View the Ebb and Flow gallery.

Participating artists:

The Book: Container/Contained and Inside/Outside

Claire Cowie's ART 457 students are exploring interior and exterior spaces and themes of containment (within the book, for the book, and within language and image) throughout the quarter. Many of these images are structural experiments and/or in-progress collaborations with Maya Sonenberg's ENGL 581 writing class.

View the The Book gallery.

Participating artists:

  • Angelica Barron
  • Angelique Guina
  • Ashley Grammer
  • Brianne Rosen
  • Emily Andersen
  • Holly Dirks
  • Jacob Nordberg
  • Julia Powers
  • Kollee King
  • Nicolle Shaw
  • Raz Grisaffi
  • Regan Colburn
  • Rick Han
  • Rosie Brown
  • Serena Lantz
  • Shiuan Chu
  • Sydney Kane
  • TJ Ripley

Still Life

Working in makeshift home print studios, Claire Cowie's ART 450 students are using screen print, collage, frottage, and stencils to explore Still Life, as in a work of art depicting mostly inanimate subject matter, typically commonplace objects; Still Life, as in a time of personal contemplation about our goals, our health, our social lives; Still Life, as in a portrait frozen in time, a person or place caught in a single moment.

View the Still Life gallery.

Participating artists:

  • Angelique Guina
  • Anna Fotheringham
  • Ashley Grammer
  • Baoyi Ma
  • Cekayn Frost
  • Charlotte Deng
  • Emily Taylor
  • Holly Dirks
  • Jo Hung
  • Kollee King
  • Kora Micklesen
  • Krizten Perez
  • Maria Zamora
  • Nicolle Shaw
  • Raz Grisaffi
  • Regan Colburn
  • Sasha Kadach
  • Sherry Zhang

Drawing into Painting

Students in Curt Labitzke's ART 350 (Printmaking Special Projects) mixed drawing and painting methods using a variety of different materials and tools along with immediate / direct printmaking techniques including transfer printmaking, stenciling, rubbings, and collaging. Students designed theIr own individual projects based upon personal interests, concerns, and the types of materials, supplies, and techniques they had access to while working with from home.

View the Drawing into Painting gallery.

Participating artists:

  • Behnaz Monzavi
  • Michelle Ma
  • Paige West


For this project, students in Abigail Drapkin’s ART 246 (Works on Paper/Monotype) class explored how to arrive at abstraction through a process of deconstructing an image. Students developed their imagery through three phases: monotype, collage, and drawing. The goal was to understand how the act of deconstruction changes the meaning and interpretation of their work. Each work exhibited here represents one of those phases.

View the Construct/Deconstruct gallery.

Participating artists:

  • Anna Guardado
  • Brandon Garza
  • Caitlyn Fong
  • Elena Palladina
  • Henry Strasburger
  • Joselin Badillo
  • Katelyn Pang
  • Meagan Skolnick
  • Perla Moran
  • Sarah Ihn
  • Tansy Huang
  • Victor Yang
  • Violet Wu
  • Vivian Hung
  • Vivian Nguyen