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Sean Sullivan: Dare to Judge

Submitted on August 24, 2020 - 1:27pm
Dare to Judge curated by Stefan Gonzales


Online: September 4–26, 2020

Curated by Stefan Leandro Gonzales, Dare to Judge is an off-site solo exhibition featuring a collection of images and objects sourced and created by artist Sean Sullivan in Gonzales’ domestic gallery space in their Seattle, Washington, home. Sullivan is a Masc Pansexual artist working in the field of photography. Their recent work challenges the gap generated between gender identities through a collection of high-key self-portraits shot in their apartment in Pullman, Washington. For many queer individuals, their journey starts in the confines of their domestic living space. It can be seen as both a comforting and hostile environment in which to embark on this journey. It is for this reason that this exhibition is being held off site in Gonzales’ domestic gallery space, which was constructed in line with the COVID-19 pandemic. To accompany the conditions of the current pandemic, the show will be featured in both a web-based exhibition as well as weekly Twitch conversations with the artist, where the gallery will be live-streamed, acting as a virtual open studio. These conversations with the artist will focus on the connection between the queer experience and domestic spaces. Due to the nature of Twitch, the artist or curator may use the channel for whatever they would like during the week leading up to their weekly talks scheduled on Fridays. In addition to this, the exhibition will be live-streamed throughout the week for viewing purposes only.

Access the conversations and exhibition streaming.


All take place on Fridays at 6pm.

  • September 4
  • September 11
  • September 18
  • September 25

exhibition streaming

Tuesdays–Thursdays, 12:30–2:30am

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Stefan Leandro Gonzales is a Prio / Manso / Tiwa (New Mexico) Native Indian, as well as a trans femme/non-binary individual. Their practice centers around decolonizing Art and its institutions. This effort is backed by their position as an arts educator, set out to leverage radical pedagogy as a tool of decolonization. Gonzales grew up in Colorado and eventually moved to Seattle, Washington, to attend Cornish College of the Arts and receive an undergraduate degree. This was followed by their attendance at the University of Washington where they recently completed an MFA in Photo/Media and currently maintain a position as an instructor of record.

Curatorial Residency

Each year the Jacob Lawrence Gallery offers a curatorial residency with a dedicated curatorial fee and budget to a BIPOC University of Washington graduate student. This is the inaugural residency.