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Explore Printmaking From Your Kitchen

Submitted on December 10, 2020 - 4:00pm
Curt Labitzke printmaking at home
Associate Professor Curt Labitzke printmaking at home

Spending more time at home and looking for outlets to channel your creative energy? Have no fear – the arts are here!

“The arts nourish us, especially in times of adversity,” said Catherine Cole, divisional dean of the arts. “Artmaking is accessible to all.”

Cole’s vision is for all students to experience the arts during their time at the UW, regardless of major. She often describes the arts as the “kitchen” of the UW, where faculty, students, artists and members of the community come together to collaborate and create. “It is a space that is rejuvenating and available to everyone,” said Cole.

Curt Labitzke, associate professor of interdisciplinary visual art at the UW’s School of Art + Art History + Design, has taken this vision literally…

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