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The Traveling JLG

Submitted on September 7, 2022 - 12:12pm
The Traveling JLG at SOIL Art Gallery MFA Group Show


October 7 – October 29, 2022

Opening: Thursday, October 6, 5–8pm

We are excited that the Jacob Lawrence Gallery is currently undergoing a relocation within the Art Building and a complete renovation! Because of that, we are pleased to be taking our autumn exhibition, The Traveling JLG, on the road to SOIL Art Gallery! Eight artists working towards Master of Fine Arts degrees from the University of Washington School of Art + Art History + Design are premiering new works from their studios here and abroad. The Traveling JLG opens on the evening of Thursday, October 6, and runs through Saturday, October 29.

The group exhibition ranges from large sculptural experiments to demure mixed media. This well-connected team of artists has no formal theme running between their work, but an allegiance to community and to nature is tangible throughout the exhibition. Kayla Cochran’s attentively detailed paintings of everyday items share the space with James Blake’s curious vessels for getting out of his studio. Cypress Quickbear-Stalder spent the summer creating cyanotypes across Washington State while Dana Blume was on a residency in Singapore, returning with expansive organic drawings.

We are incredibly grateful to SOIL for partnering with us on this exhibition. SOIL Art Gallery hours are Friday–Sunday, 12–5pm.


James William Blake

The absurd has always had the power to capture our attention but in this saturated world it remains one of our best tools to hook the viewer and inspire thought. My work expresses thoughts on sustainability, the internal conflict between Artist and Maker, and the relative accessibility of interactive works.

Dana Blume

Dana Blume (b.1993) is an artist living and working in Seattle, WA. In 2019, he earned his BFA in drawing and painting at California State University of Long Beach, and is a 2023 MFA candidate at the University of Washington. In recent drawings and paintings, the “doodle” is used as a means to explore various themes such as adolescence, school, sexuality, mental health, play and delinquency… Often done on scaled-up reproductions of ruled paper, blackboards and other non-traditional marking surfaces, abstraction is represented as a series of intuitive marks made by a bored student and figuration is represented as unidentifiable bodily forms twisting, transforming and trying to find their place.

Kayla Cochran

Kayla Cochran is a Massachusetts born artist currently living and working in Seattle, WA. She received her BFA in Painting and Drawing along with an Art Education Certification from Montserrat College of Art in 2015. Her paintings and drawings explore the subjectivity of objects through representational depictions of human paraphernalia and domestic environments. The work draws attention to the relationships between time and the inanimate, value and waste, and privacy and intimacy. Though devoid of the human body, Cochran centers her work on the people and stories that surround a still moment, a precious heirloom, or a discarded thought.

Ruby Henrickson

Ruby Henrickson (b.1999) is an artist from Michigan living and working in Seattle, WA. She earned her BFA in painting in 2021 at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan, and is a 2023 MFA candidate at the University of Washington. She received the 2020 Gordon Art Fellowship at Pierce Cedar Creek Institute for Environmental Studies for her research into environmental action in the arts. Recent work comes from imagining perspectives of various non-human beings — from rocks tossed in ocean waves to a redtail hawk perched atop a tall fir. Her work searches for an equalizing perspective that is fluid, forgiving, and regenerative.

Lucas Latimer

From Dallas, TX, Lucas studied studio ceramics and art history at the Kansas City Art Institute, in Kansas City, MO, graduating with his BFA in 2019. Lucas is a current second year graduate student at the University of Washington’s 3D4M program in Seattle, WA, with a focus in ceramics. Lucas sculpts clay into bodily forms in the abstract with features altered, malformed, erased, or hidden. His sculptures are the amalgamation of the turmoil, hesitance, fear, and insecurities felt by human consciousness, given body in order to receive scrutiny and compassion.

Cypress Quickbear-Stalder

Cypress Quickbear-Stalder is a Seattle-based artist exploring the connection between land, healing, and positionality using reclaimed fabric to create cyanotypes in nature. Exploring the intersections of religious trauma, race, and gender identity, Cypress chooses to focus on what futurity could be in contrast to what past realities have been. Cypress has spent the summer hiking all of Washington's phenomenal trails and beaches, kayaking, and paddle boarding while making cyanotypes along the way.

Adamska Rakhilkina

Adamska Rakhilkina generates iconoclastic global futurities through lens-based art. A queer Russian sadomodernist artist who works in video and photography they are researching the ways fascistic reality seeps into our intimate lives and expressions of gender and sexuality with a meta-focus on the inevitably violent vertical hierarchies between the cameraperson and the subjects in the quest for their transgressive disruption. Using found footage, glitching and performance elements they blur the lines between the experimental and the documentarian. Hurts so bad, but feels so good.

JAI Sallay-Carrington

Jai Sallay-Carrington is a sculptural ceramic artist originating from Vancouver, BC, but spent the last decade living and working in Montreal, QC. Jai is a queer and non-binary artist whose work is heavily influenced by this aspect of their life. In 2014 they graduated from Concordia University with a BFA in ceramics. Jess has attended many artist residencies, traveling around Canada, USA and Europe. Residencies such as C.R.E.T.A Rome, Torpedo Factory Art Centre, and Tolne Gjæstgivergaard. They have been a part of many group exhibitions, at galleries such as the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery, C.R.E.T.A. Gallery, and the Clay Center of New Orleans. Jess has had several solo exhibitions in recent years, such as NuQueer Power at Fatale Art Gallery, Co(R)vid Calluses at Galerie ERGA, as well as Adapting, at Maison de la Culture Côte-des-Neiges. They have been featured in publications such as CBC Exhibitionists, New York’s ArtTour International Magazine, and Ceramique: 90 Artistes Contemporarian. Jai has been awarded grants from Canada Council of the Arts, SODEC, and was a finalist for the Winifred Shantz Award for 2020 and 2021. Jess is currently pursuing their master’s degree at the University of Washington, to be completed in 2023.