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The BASEMENT, a new student run online art gallery

Submitted on December 20, 2023 - 12:52pm
The BASEMENT, 2023. Illustration by Jadelyn Drake
The BASEMENT, 2023. Illustration by Jadelyn Drake

From the co-editors: 

Welcome to the The BASEMENT.

The Basement is an online gallery publication created for and by students at the University of Washington School of Art + Art History + Design, or the School, to share their art and other creative works; and to have a common space to connect with peers and their work across disciplines. The publication’s name takes after the well-recognized locale of the actual Art Building basement, a creative beehive, and the center of the School. Visit The BASEMENT.

The creation of this gallery comes after the closing of the beloved Parnassus Cafe, a space of creative liberty and student interaction. After recognizing a lack of a shared space for student artists to easily share their artwork, as well as noticing the large divides between interacting with students of different disciplines, we desired to make a shared space where anyone can be published and easily connect with others at the School in a more accessible format. As a student run gallery, we are launching this project at a modest scale featuring student artwork with the plan of working towards incorporating Art History and Design student work in future issues. Our first publication, titled publication #0, features works from the 2023-2024 honors in art cohort and our publication team members. With publication #0, we hope students who are a part of the School feel inspired to take part in future editions. Our hope is to flourish for many years and continue to assist students in their creative and art journeys.This is only the beginning!

With all that being said, please take some time to look around the website and see these amazing pieces. Follow us on instagram @thebasementuw for information on future publications and to stay up to date.

– Lauren Higgins & Sebastian Rojas-Rincon

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