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The BASEMENT Publication #2

Submitted on February 15, 2024 - 10:38am
Lynx I, Joelle Cook
Lynx I, Joelle Cook 2024

Spring has sprung in Seattle and the days couldn't possibly be nicer. Inspired by the beautiful weather, The BASEMENT publication #2 is live online. 

A note from the editors of the BASEMENT:

Welcome to our second official publication, our first for Spring 2024! Rebirth is a symbol of all that Spring promises and the fresh work to come from our amazing community of artists. This is the first publication to come from our incredibly talented new team and we are so ecstatic about all the ways we still have yet to grow. So thank you Anika, Olivia, Zoe, Hannah, Madison, and Jadelyn for your immense hardwork and the love you pour into our publication. Thank you to everyone who submitted their artwork & projects and keep an eye out for all that is yet to come!

-Lauren Higgins & Sebastian Rojas-Rincon

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About the BASEMENT

The BASEMENT is an online gallery publication created for and by students at the University of Washington School of Art + Art History + Design to share their art and other creative works; and to have a common space to connect with peers and their work across disciplines. The publication’s name takes after the well-recognized locale of the actual art building basement, a creative beehive, and the center of the Art building. 

Publication #2 team: Lauren Higgins, Sebastian Rojas-Rincon, Olivia Wehr, Anika Kothari, Zoe Kackman, Hannah Ahn, Madison Shimkus, Jadelyn Drake

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