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Honors in Art History

Villa Farnesina Rome Italy
Villa Farnesina, Rome. Photo by Erin Giffin.

Eligibility & Requirements

To be eligible for Honors in Art History, you must:

  • be an Art History senior or rising senior

  • have completed at least 35 Art History credits (including completion of or currently registered for an Art History 400-level course)
  • have a UW cumulative 3.3 GPA and an Art History 3.5 GPA

The following requirements apply to graduate with distinction in Art History:

  • Maintain a UW cumulative 3.3 GPA, and an Art History 3.5 GPA
  • Successfully complete Art History 500, Methods of Art History (5 cr ) – offered in Winter 2024
  • Successfully complete an additional Art History graduate level seminar: Art History 509, 511, 520, 533, 561, 577, 581, 590, 591 (5 cr )
  • Identify a faculty member who is willing to serve as your Art History Honors Thesis Advisor, and will work with you on the revision of a major research paper written in a 400 or 500 level Art History class. The paper will serve as a writing sample for application to graduate schools, major national and international internships, or jobs in professional fields in the arts. The revision of the research paper will be completed while enrolled in ART H 499 for 2 credits.

These requirements appropriately prepare AH Honors students for their future in academia and the broader community of arts professionals.

The 10 credits of 500 level Honors coursework ensures that students work at a level that will allow them to move successfully into their chosen academic and professional lives in the arts. The direct work with faculty offers them a closer relationship with a scholar and educator who can help them realize their professional goals.

Adding Honors

Information about applying to Honors in Art History is emailed to Art History majors in Autumn quarter.

Students who wish to learn more about Honors in Art History can set up an zoom or in-person appointment with Advising. here: