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Honors in Art History

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Villa Farnesina Rome Italy
Villa Farnesina, Rome. Photo by Erin Giffin.


The following requirements apply to graduate with distinction in Art History:

  • Maintain a 3.3 cumulative GPA as well as a 3.5 GPA in Art History courses
  • AH 500, Methods of Art History (5 cr )
  • One graduate level seminar: AH 509, 511, 520, 533, 561, 577, 581, 590, 591 (5 cr )
  • Work with faculty on the revision of a major research paper written in a 400 or 500 level art history class that will serve as a writing sample for application to graduate schools, major national and international internships, or jobs in professional fields in the arts.

These requirements appropriately prepare AH Honors students for their future in academia and the broader community of arts professionals.

The 10 credits of 500 level Honors coursework ensures that students work at a level that will allow them to move successfully into their chosen academic and professional lives in the arts. The direct work with faculty offers them a closer relationship with a scholar and educator who can help them realize their professional goals.

Adding Honors

Students who wish to pursue Honors in Art History should contact Advising and set up an appointment with Judith Clark, Director of Academic Advising.