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Admission to the Major: Painting + Drawing

Current UW Students / Freshmen

  • After completing ART 190 at UW with a 2.5 or higher grade, meet with an Adviser to discuss the Painting + Drawing degree requirements and declare the major
  • Students are strongly encouraged to declare their major early in their academic career; University policy requires that students declare a major by the time they have accumulated 105 credits

Prospective Transfer Students

  • After admittance to the UW and on your registration date, meet with an Adviser to discuss the Painting + Drawing degree requirements and declare the major
  • If you are participating in an Advising & Orientation (A&O) session, you will have the option to meet with an Art Adviser on your orientation day; if you completed at least 5 credits of a college-level drawing class prior to transferring, you are eligible to declare the major
  • Students without a prior college-level drawing class are required to take ART 190 at UW and receive a 2.5 or higher before declaring the major
  • Students who transfer with more than 15 credits of college-level painting and drawing classes may wish to present a portfolio for advanced placement in the program - please consult with an Art Adviser during your initial A&O appointment
  • A maximum of 15 transfer credits of studio art classes may be applied towards the ART credits required
  • Students transferring with 90 or more credits should be prepared to declare the major during the first quarter of attendance at UW


We invite you to attend a Preview session for advising and information about the programs, enrichments, and opportunities for majors in School of Art + Art History + Design.