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Undergraduate Program

BA in Art

The Division of Art offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Art with four concentrations.

After completing introductory art classes, students select and complete the requirements for the concentration in Interdisciplinary Visual Art, Painting + Drawing, Photo/Media, or 3D4M: ceramics + glass + sculpture. In tandem with required studio art classes, students will advance their writing skills while completing coursework in the history of art. Seniors complete capstone work with the expectation of exhibiting in one or more of our six student galleries.

Students in this major have an experiential, hands-on opportunity to learn. This learning style develops a strong ability for innovation and critical thinking. Learning in the visual arts hones the important skills of problem-solving, writing, and presenting information. It develops technical proficiencies, promotes collaborations, advances a knowledge of visual literacy. This kind of learning leads to a wealth of fulfilling career opportunities. Our alums exemplify the abilities of Art majors to thrive and succeed in many different professional jobs, careers and enterprises.

An Honors in Art option is also available for eligible students.

Admission to the BA in Art

The BA in Art requires a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA in order to declare the major.

Current UW Students / Freshmen

  • After completing any 5 credit 100- or 200-level studio art class at UW with a 2.5 or higher grade, meet with an Adviser to discuss the BA in Art degree requirements and concentration
  • Before you schedule your appointment with an Adviser, make sure you complete the BA in Art Major Declaration Request Form 
  • Students are strongly encouraged to declare their major early in their academic career; University policy requires that students declare a major by the time they have accumulated 105 credits or five quarters, whichever comes last

Prospective Transfer Students

  • After admittance to the UW and on your registration date, meet with an Adviser to discuss the BA in Art degree requirements and concentration; if you completed at least 5 credits of studio art prior to transferring, you are eligible to declare the major
  • If you are participating in an Advising & Orientation (A&O) session, you will have the option to meet with an Art Adviser on your orientation day
  • A maximum of 15 transfer credits of studio art classes may be applied towards the ART credits required for the BA in Art
  • Students transferring with 90 or more credits should be prepared to declare the major during the first quarter of attendance at UW

The BA in Art does not accept postbaccalaureate applicants.

BA in Art (70 cr)

Recommended classes for the:


We invite you to attend a Preview session for advising and information about the programs, enrichments, and opportunities for majors in School of Art + Art History + Design.