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Undergraduate Programs

The Division of Art offers undergraduate degrees in the following areas:

Division of Art - Learning Goals

Students are intellectually challenged by studio coursework and expected to develop writing skills that will supplement their creative explorations and pursuits as they plan for future careers within the specific academic context of the visual arts.

  • Develop written, intellectual, and creative strength and plan for future careers within the specific academic context of the visual arts while benefiting from broad study across diverse learning communities at the University of Washington.
  • Build technical proficiency, skill, and contextual knowledge of traditional and non-traditional areas of artistic practice, art history, visual culture, and criticism.
  • Engage in and explore the diverse and influential issues raised via the study of visual literacy and the practice of the creative process.
  • Understand and practice an experimental approach to problem-solving.
  • Build a strong awareness and knowledge of the power and transcendence of visual images and their ability to communicate ideas, excellence, and understanding across gender and age boundaries, culture and language barriers.
  • Learn to research, question, organize and synthesize information about existing ideas and practices, develop new ideas and areas of inquiry, write about and articulate issues to peers, faculty and the community at large.
  • Combine critical thinking and problem solving with the development of ideas and conceptual skill.
  • Understand working methods and develop the ability to translate a conceptual idea into a creative solution.
  • Develop a close familiarity with the notion of ‘research’ and the blending of theoretical and material practice.
  • Apply a self-critical, articulate, and individual approach to finding aesthetic solutions to visual issues and challenges.