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Jacob Lawrence Gallery — Critical Art Writing Group

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This initiative is born out of the conviction that timely, robust, and well-researched art writing is integral to an arts ecosystem as well as in the ongoing effort to see our world anew. The monthly gatherings will be comprised of a presentation by a critic followed by a writing workshop to share work and gain feedback. Writers and artists will explore the intersection of theory and practice within contemporary cultural production as well as share resources. This group will also have the opportunity to publish reviews and short-form pieces in the journal of the Jacob Lawrence Gallery entitled Monday. The group and the journal seek to address a need within the Pacific Northwest art community for stronger dialogue and debate about the aesthetic production of our time. The Critical Art Writing Group is organized by Minh Nguyen (writer) and Emily Zimmerman (Director, Jacob Lawrence Gallery).

2017–2018 Meetings

Sunday, March 18, 1–3pm
writer/scholar: Sonal Khullar
More info about Khullar

Sunday, February 18, 1–3pm
writer/scholar: Natalie A. Martínez
More info about Martínez

Sunday, January 21, 1–3pm
writer/scholar: Johanna Gosse
More info about Gosse

Sunday, December 10, 1–3pm
writer/scholar: Kemi Adeyemi
More info about Adeyemi

Sunday, November 19, 1-3pm
writer/scholar: Stuart Lingo
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Sunday, October 15, 1–3pm
writer/critic: Charles Tonderai Mudede
More info about Mudede