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Symposium – The Mechanics of Beauty

Submitted on May 10, 2013 - 1:00am
gears and sketch

10am-8pm | Friday, May 17, 2013
Auditorium, Henry Art Gallery
Free and open to the public

The full title for this year’s Graduate Students of Art History Symposium is “The Mechanics of Beauty: A Question of Representation.” This theme springboards off a Henry Art Gallery photography exhibition, and carries it to other media and multiple perspectives. The day will begin with a welcome by Sylvia Wolf, Director of the Henry. There will be one morning session and two afternoon sessions, each with multiple presentations. A detailed schedule is available here. The symposium ends around 5:30, and there will be a reception in Molly’s Cafe from 6-8pm.

Opening Comments – Sylvia Wolf, Henry Art Gallery Director

Part I: Confronting Media – Moderator: Lane Eagles
– Steven Bunn, University of Washington: “Hendrick Goltzius’s Great Hercules at the Crossroads of Idiom and Ideal”
– Behrang Nabavi Nejad, University of Victoria: “Changing Tastes: the Concept of Beauty in the Illustrations of Manuscripts and Single Page Paintings of the Seventeenth Century Iran”
– Bennett Gilbert, Portland State University: “The Reproduction of Images Before Printing”
– Daniele di Lodovico, University of Washington: “Michelangelo’s Marble Sculpture”


Part II: Constructing Identities – Moderator: Lane Eagles
– Jennifer Henneman, University of Washington: “The Professional Beauty: London’s Notorious Social Divinity”
– Yi Yi Mon (Rosalien) Kyo, University of California, Berkeley: “Eluding Categorization: Portraits of the Empress Dowager Cixi”
– Lauren Palmor, University of Washington: “Against Style: Anti-Fashion and Contemporary Photography”

Coffee break

Part III: Evolving Perceptions – Moderator: Jennifer Henneman
– Sue Shon, University of Washington: “Making Sense: Runaway Slave Portraiture and the Common Sense of Vision”
– Oscar Aguirre Mandujano, University of Washington: “The Glance of Beauty: male-male interactions in an Ottoman frontier
narrative of the fifteenth century”
– Sarah Harvey, University of Washington: “Noir et blanche: Fashion or Revolution”

Reception – Molly’s Café (lower level of Henry Art Gallery)

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