Coast Salish spindle whorl

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Art History

The Division of Art History examines art and visual culture as instruments of knowledge and methods of human expression that operate in many arenas of history, tradition, and the contemporary environment.

We offer a BA major with an honors option as well as a minor in Art History for those pursing other undergraduate majors. At the graduate level, an MA degree and a PhD degree are available.

Recent Art History News

Lion by George Rodriguez
This is a listing of alumni news as posted to our social media outlets during the month of March 2018. Most news like this goes onto our Twitter feed; you can receive it in real-time by following us there. Read more
Government Charwoman by Gordon Parks
Hosted by the Division of Art History, this lecture is titled "Iconic Encounter: Gordon Parks and Ella Watson in 1942." It is free and open to the public, but please RSVP to save a seat. Read more
Strange Coupling 2018
A student-run Division of Art tradition, Strange Coupling brings together UW students and Seattle-area artists to create collaboratively. There are March events at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery and a concluding exhibition later in the spring. Read more