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Six Art History MAs

Submitted on July 31, 2013 - 2:00am

Six graduate students in the Division of Art History completed their master’s degrees between Summer Quarter 2012 and Spring Quarter 2013. Below is a list of their theses and practicum projects.

Elisabeth Patterson, MA, Autumn Quarter 2012, adviser: Marek Wieczorek
thesis: Cézanne Becoming Cézanne: The Influence of Stendhal on the Painter’s Theory and Practice after 1878

Maria Larsen, MA, Winter Quarter 2013, adviser: Robin Wright
thesis: Christian Motifs in Pacific Northwest Coast Native American Art

Hattie Branch, MA, Spring Quarter 2013, co-advisers: Cynthea Bogel and Marek Wieczorek
practicum project: Continued Collecting – Japanese Prints at SAM

Lane Eagles, MA, Spring Quarter 2013, adviser: Stuart Lingo
thesis: Objects of Heaven and Earth: Thaumaturgy & Representation in Quattrocento Italy

Sarah Harvey, MA, Spring Quarter 2013, adviser: Patricia Failing
thesis: Late Surrealist Exhibitions and the Question of the Neo-Avant-Garde

Alexandra McLafferty, MA, Spring Quarter 2013, adviser: Susan Casteras
thesis: The American National Plot Visualized: The Reinterpretation of Indian Captivity Narratives at the End of the Nineteenth Century