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Art History: 3 PhDs + 1 MA

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Submitted on July 21, 2015 - 11:01am

Four Division of Art History graduate students completed their degrees between December 2014 and June 2015. Below is a list with their dissertation and thesis titles.

Lucienne Dorrance Auz, PhD, December 2014
primary faculty adviser: Patricia Failing
dissertation: An International Firebrand: Germano Celant’s Role as Radical Critic, Innovative Curator and Contemporary Art Historian

Alexis Ruth Culotta, PhD, December 2014
primary faculty adviser: Stuart Lingo
dissertation: “Finding Rome in Rome”: Reexamining Raphael’s Transformation Through His Roles at the Villa Farnesina

Kelsey Eldridge, MA, December 2014
primary faculty adviser: Ivan Drpić
thesis: Ktetor and Synthesis: Epigrams, Miniatures, and Authorship in the Leo Bible

Kimberly Hereford, PhD, June 2015
primary faculty adviser: Susan Casteras
dissertation: Sleep, Sickness, and Spirituality: Altered States and Victorian Visions of Femininity in British and American Art, 1850-1915

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