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Extra-curricular Experiences

Submitted on March 4, 2016 - 11:04am

Learning experiences outside the classroom can be an important part of a college education. The School has scholarships and partnerships that have helped to make this possible for a number of students.

The Rollin Austin Scholarship Fund, established in 1983, helps to support three learning partnerships.

Since 2009, we have been sending a student to choose any summer course at the Pilchuck Glass School through their matching Partner Scholarship program. Graduate or undergraduate students from any of our divisions may apply, and the selection is made early each calendar year. Recipients have been Alex Hayden (2009), Nathan Braunfeld (2011), Julia Chamberlain (2013), Ellen Dick (2014), Collin Bampton (2015), and Maryam Bhurgri will spend two weeks this year outside Stanwood, Washington, at Pilchuck’s world-famous campus in the woods.

Amy Tzyy Yi Young Rometti Prize Work 2015We are in our third year of participation in the Premio Rometti or Rometti Prize, an international student competition that takes place each summer at the Ceramiche Rometti factory in Umbertide, Italy. Ten School students are nominated by Industrial Design and 3D4M: ceramics + glass + sculpture faculty to submit a unique ceramic design to the Rometti jury. One student is then selected to take part in a two-week internship at the factory with peers from Italy, France, and Belgium. While there, they create a prototype of their design for the final competition. Carly Nakamura from Industrial Design took part in 2014 and won a second prize. Tzyy Yi (Amy) Young from 3D4M was our competitor in 2015, and she won third prize. Our 2016 participant will be selected by June 1.

Also since 2014, we have had Painting + Drawing graduate students take part in Tropical Lab at LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore. This two-week art camp takes place in the summer, and it has a different theme each year. It was created by Milenko Prvački, a Senior Fellow at LASALLE, who recently visited Seattle to give a lecture. David Gress and Jonathan Happ were our representatives to Tropical Lab 8 in 2014. Amanda Sweet and Ben Dunn participated in Tropical Lab 9 in 2015. Painting + Drawing faculty have received an invitation to select students for Tropical Lab 10 this summer.

The Thelma I. Pell Scholarship Fund, established in 1983, is used to help support graduate students in the Division of Art History to do thesis/dissertation research or to present papers at conferences. There is an application deadline each academic quarter. Students have been able to travel to a number of venues in North America and Europe with this funding. An average of ten students have received funding each year since 2010.

Image credit: 2015 Rometti Prize work by Tzyy Yi (Amy) Young.