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McClelland Curates Exhibition

Submitted on October 10, 2016 - 2:11pm

Ashley Verplank McClelland (MA 2009) is a PhD Candidate in the Division of Art History. During spring quarter 2016, she taught two classes at Western Washington University in Bellingham. One of them was a 400-level class titled Seminar: Exhibition Theory and Practice, which involved preliminary planning for a show at Western Gallery. McClelland continued working on the exhibition over the summer, and it opened on September 22 with the title Susan Point Past Present: Cultural Visions in New Media. It closes on December 3.

While the exhibition focuses on the work of Susan Point, a well-known Musqueam First Nations artist from southern British Columbia, a number of events bring in other artists from Coast Salish groups. For example, the Bellingham area is home to the Lummi people. The full list of events is on the exhibition webpage linked above. Of special note for people who do not live near Western Gallery is the symposium on the afternoon of Saturday, November 5.