My Dear Friend, Time, an installation by Ellen (Jing) Xu

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MoNA Luminaries

Submitted on October 10, 2016 - 1:31pm

On September 29, the Museum of Northwest Art presented their 2016 MoNA Luminaries awards. Each award was named in honor of an artist or art historian who has had a lasting impact in the region. Among those and the award winners were several people related to the School, including one of our current faculty members.

  • The Alfredo Arreguin Award for Mid-Career Artists was given to Saya Moriyasu (BA/BFA 1991). Arreguin is BFA 1967 and MFA 1969.
  • The Fay and Robert Jones Award for Painting was giving to Painting + Drawing Professor Denzil Hurley. Robert Jones is a Professor Emeritus in Painting.
  • The Patti Warashina Award for Emerging Artists was given to George Rodriguez (MFA 2009). Warashina is BFA 1962, MFA 1964, and a Professor Emerita in Ceramics.
  • The Bill Holm Award for Art History was given to Dr. Charlotte Townsend-Gault. Holm is BFA 1949, MFA 1951, and a Professor Emeritus in Art History. Art History Assistant Professor Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse (MA 1988, PhD 2007) presented the award to Townsend-Gault.

There were also 2015 MoNA Luminaries awards. Those included two people associated with the School.

  • The Barbara and Clayton James Award for Mid-Career Artists was given to Whiting Tennis (BFA 1984).
  • The Philip McCracken Award for Sculpture was given to Mel Katz. McCracken is BFA 1954.