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Art History: 2 PhDs + 3 MAs

Submitted on June 13, 2017 - 4:39pm

Five graduate students from the Division of Art History completed their degrees during the 2016-2017 academic year. Below is a list with their dissertation, thesis, and project titles.

Jena Mayer, MA, December 2016
primary faculty adviser: Estelle Lingo
thesis: Francesco Furini: "Paintings of Exceeding Beauty" in Seicento Florence

Jennifer Beetem, MA, March 2016
primary faculty adviser: Meredith Clausen
practicum project: Der Austausch Online – Annotations to the Bauhaus student magazine of 1919

Barbara Budnick, PhD, June 2017
primary faculty advisers: Christine Göttler and Estelle Lingo
dissertation: The Lay of the Land: English Landscape Themes in Early Modern Painting in England

Erin Giffin, PhD, June 2017
primary faculty adviser: Stuart Lingo
dissertation: Body and Apparition: Material Presence in Sixteenth-Century Italian Religious Sculpture

Jiani Ma, MA, June 2017
primary faculty adviser: Haicheng Wang
practicum project: The Story of Clay – A Little Potter’s Notebook