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2018 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Submitted on May 9, 2018 - 12:13pm

Several students from the School are participating in this year’s symposium on Friday, May 18, 2018. Below is a list of the students. Follow the session links to click on the presentation titles and see project descriptions.

Oral Presentations

Gabrielle Elena (Gabi) Boettner, Interdisciplinary Visual Arts + Drama: "Curation: A Performance" in a session titled "Body Talk: Researching in and through Embodied Knowledge in the Performing Arts," which runs 12:30–2:30pm in Mary Gates Hall, room 389.

Nicolas Francis Staley, Art History + History: "West by Land, East by Sea: A Study of Venetian-Ottoman Relations in the Decades Following the Battle of Lepanto" in Session 2P — titled "Korean Peninsula and Middle East: History and Present Challenges" — which runs 3:30-5:15pm in Johnson Hall, room 022.

Poster Presentation

One student is part of a collaborative group presenting in Poster Session 4. It runs 4–6pm in Mary Gates Hall, Commons East (Easel #61):

Ksenia Andreevna Ivanova, Interaction Design: "Eliciting Human Factor Preferences in the Context of Digital Pedestrian Mapping - User Experience"

Visual Arts & Design Showcase

Students in this session represent all three of our divisions. It runs 3:00–4:30pm in Odegaard Undergraduate Library.

Casey Jo (Casey) Grosso (Mary Gates Scholar + UW Honors Program), Art History: "Up side Down side"; mentored by Martin Jarmick, Digital Arts & Experimental Media

Zixing (Xing) Guo (CoMotion Mary Gates Innovation Scholar), Interaction Design: "My Work as an Artist and Designer on the DFL’s 3D Game, Hug the Line"

Erika Jeneve (Erika) Morales, Interdisciplinary Visual Arts: "Hue"

Frida Galilea Saucedo (UW Honors Program), Interdisciplinary Visual Arts: "let me smell your memories"; mentored by Curt Labitzke, Interdisciplinary Visual Arts

People Involved: