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2018 Seattle Art Fair and Beyond

Submitted on June 22, 2018 - 2:18pm

It is the fourth year of the Seattle Art Fair. There are a number of School-affiliated people who have work being shown at the fair as well as at Seattle-area exhibitions during the fair.

Seattle Art Fair

August 2–5, 2018
CenturyLink Field Event Center

Be sure to visit the Seattle Art Fair website for full information about the fair, exhibitors, and associated events.

The School and the Jacob Lawrence Gallery are once again proud cultural partners of the 2018 Seattle Art Fair. A showcase for the best in modern and contemporary art, the fair features more than 100 local, national, and international galleries alongside emerging artists of the Pacific Northwest.

Through our partnership, we are excited to extend discounted tickets to the 2018 Seattle Art Fair to our supporters.


Here are the galleries showing this year that have School-affiliated people. The galleries are in Seattle unless otherwise noted.

ACA Galleries of New York City has the late Professor Emeritus Jacob Lawrence as their featured artist in Booth L07.

Alexandre Gallery of New York City has the late Professor Emeritus Jacob Lawrence as one of the artists in Booth F23.

Elizabeth Leach Gallery of Portland, OR, is including Isaac Layman (BFA 2003) in Booth J01.

Foster/White Gallery (gallerist, Shayla Alarie, MA 2010) will be presenting the work of George Rodriguez (MFA 2009) in Booth C25.

G. Gibson Gallery (owner, BFA 1985) is including Cable Griffith (MFA 2002), Eirik Johnson (BFA 1997), and Saya Moriyasu (BA/BFA 1991) in Booth F19.

Greg Kucera Gallery (owner, BFA 1980) has the late Professor Emeritus Jacob Lawrence,  Professors Emeriti Norman Lundin and Michael SpaffordMargie Livingston (MFA 1999), Roger Shimomura (BA 1961), and Whiting Tennis (BFA 1984) among the artists in Booth A17.

Harris Harvey Gallery (directed by Sarah Harvey, MA 2013; staffed by Trevor Doak, MA 2011) is in Booth G23.

James Harris Gallery (owner is current Advisory Board member) is including the work of Mary Ann Peters (MFA 1977) in Booth C09.

SEASON (owned by Robert Yoder, MFA 1987) is in Booth D01.

Shift Gallery is including Eric Day Chamberlain (BA/BFA 1997) and Jodi Waltier (BFA 1986) among the artists in Booth D25.

Traver Gallery (president, Sarah Traver, BFA 2002) is in Booth G25.

Woodside/Braseth Gallery is including the late Professor Emeritus Jacob Lawrence and Jaq Chartier (MFA 1994) in Booths E17/E17A.


Articles that make mention of our alums and/or are written by alums.

"UW alumnus to be featured at Seattle Art Fair" by Lisa Gyuro. The Daily, 7/27/18.

"Sculptor George Rodriguez celebrates and transcends his Mexican heritage" by Enrique Pérez de la Rosa. Crosscut, 8/2/18.

"Seattle Art Fair 2018: First Impressions and Highlights to Come" by T.S. Flock. Vanguard Seattle, 8/3/18.

"The scene at the 2018 Seattle Art Fair" by Florangela Davila and Brangien Davis. Crosscut, 8/3/18.

"Seattle Art Fair 2018: The Superlatives of the Booths" by T.S. Flock. Vanguard Seattle, 8/5/18.

Other Venues

Seattle-area exhibitions taking place during the time of the Seattle Art Fair that include School-affiliated people.

1 Room: large group exhibition organized by studio e in a venue near the fair, which includes Emily Gherard (MFA 2004), Sarah Norsworthy (MFA 2015), Whiting Tennis (BFA 1984), Polina Tereshina (BFA 2013), and Robert Yoder (MFA 1987); dates are August 2–5.

G. Gibson Gallery: Thick as Thieves is a group exhibition of contemporary painting that includes Cable Griffith (MFA 2002), Kimberly Trowbridge (MFA 2006), and Professor Emeritus Robert C. Jones; dates are July 20 – August 17.

Gallery I|M|A: Mythos is a 3-person ceramics exhibition that includes work by Koren Christofides (BA 1975, BFA 1982, MFA 1984); dates are August 2 – September 1.

Harris Harvey Gallery: Chelsea Falls is a solo exhibition by Mark Mueller (MFA 1986); dates are August 2 – September 1.

Inscape Gallery #109: This Noble Work is a group exhibition of neon art that includes Kendall Cortese (BA 2012), Ramie Kraun (BA 2017), and Kristen Ramirez (MFA 2004); dates are July 5 – August 5.

Linda Hodges Gallery: Control and Release is a solo exhibition by Interdisciplinary Visual Arts Senior Lecturer Timea Tihanyi (MFA 2003); Claire Tianyi Sun (BA 2017) is showing in the BLUR Gallery; dates for both are are August 2 – September 1.

MadArt Studio: The Presence of Absence is a site-specific installation created by Katie Miller (BFA 2003); dates are: open studio through July 19 and exhibition July 21 – August 18.

Prographica / KDR: woman is a group exhibition that includes work by Painting + Drawing Professor Ann Gale; dates are August 2–31.

Shift Gallery: 2018 Shift Invitational includes four alums — Eric Day Chamberlain (BFA 1997), Jodi Waltier (BFA 1986), Robin Nelson Wicks (BA/BFA 1984, MFA 1992), and Barbara Robertson (MFA 1979); dates are August 2–25.

studio e: Becoming American is a multi-venue exhibition that has the work of Barbara Earl Thomas (BA 1973, MFA 1977) and Rodrigo Valenzuela (MFA 2012) among others; dates are August 3 – September 1.

Treason Gallery at Piranha Shop: VICE & VIRTUE is a group exhibition that includes Duffyleg (aka Patrick "Duffy" De Armas, BA 2010).

Winston Wächter Fine Art: Summer Dreams is a group exhibition that includes Patrick "Duffy" De Armas (BA 2010) as part of Electric Coffin and Jennifer Zwick (BFA 2004); dates are June 26 – August 22.

Zinc Contemporary: Pattern Recognition is a solo exhibition by Holly Ballard Martz (BFA 1988); dates are June 7 – August 6.