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2018 SDF Block Party

Submitted on October 1, 2018 - 1:21pm

The Seattle Design Festival Block Party took place on September 8 and 9. Numerous installations in Occidental Park addressed issues related to TRUST, this year's festival theme. Three of these involved School-affiliated people.

To House

The AIA Seattle Committee on Homelessness and Real Change presented this installation, which presented facts and personal stories about homelessness. Eva Grate and Kate Degman, who both received their Bachelor of Design degrees in June, did all the graphic design work for this project.

Identity Bridge

Four current Bachelor of Design students who are also participants in Design for America UWBrys Fleming-Henning, Terrene Huang, Claire Kantner, Christine Lee — were part of the team that created this installation. It asked people to think about internal and external identities. The team also successfully raised $2,000 to cover the costs of creating Identity Bridge.


When originally proposed, this installation was titled Mapping Trust, but the concept and name morphed as the project developed. Ultimately, it encouraged strangers to have brief conversation using story prompts and then document the exchange with a Polaroid photo. Division of Design Associate Professor Kristine Matthews and her Studio Matthews were involved with #OurSpace from the beginning. Also involved in creating the installation were Jazmine Hoyle (BDes 2018), staff member Flyn O'Brien (BDes 2013), and current Design students Izabella Dadula and Erica Lee.