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Alumni News – November 2018

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Submitted on December 6, 2018 - 4:08pm

This is a listing of alumni news as posted to our social media outlets during the month of November 2018. Most news like this goes onto our Twitter feed; you can receive it in real-time by following us there.

Alfredo Arreguin (BA 1967, MFA 1969) gives a talk on Sunday afternoon (11/4) at Bainbridge Island Museum of Art in relation to his exhibition there; get tix now! ow.ly/LUqC30mnuvI (free for students)

Margie Livingston (MFA 1990) is showing Extreme Landscape Painting @GKuceraGallery from 11/1 through 12/22 ow.ly/qmsO30mkOQI #FirstThursday

Serrah Russell (BFA 2009) is raising funds to publish a book of her collages; buy one of her artworks to help ow.ly/fvva50jq50c

In Portland? Stop by @E_Leach_Gallery to see Never Was A Thing by Isaac Layman (BFA 2003) ow.ly/Lbsa30mnu2y

#WeekendSuggestion Artist talk by Margie Livingston (MFA 1990) at noon on Saturday, 11/3, @GKuceraGallery bit.ly/2FnH63l

#WeekendSuggestion 2: stop by @ZINCcontempo to see Unspoken by Lydia Bassis (BFA/BA 2003)or check it out on @artsy ow.ly/N4h130mr4Di

#WeekendReading Check out this @CFileOnline review of the Museum Voorlinden exhibition by Shio Kusaka (BFA 2001) & Jonas Wood (MFA 2002); it includes many images & a preview of the catalog ow.ly/Tq7f30mr5Vi

Kathryn “Kappy” Trigg (BFA 1969) is among the artists in The Sitting Room at The Vestibule opening on Sat, 11/10 ow.ly/qBqU50jq5ie

Check out this 11/10 event with one of our alums!
@4Culture: Eroyn Franklin (BFA 2006) created all the amazing illustrations you see across our website, and we LOVE her work! Here's a chance to see and hear about what she's been up to lately: ow.ly/sEmv30msT5Y

ICYMI Prof Karen Cheng worked with 2 alums whose infographics were published in @arcadenw recently: Kate Degman ow.ly/OaQq50jAWgz & Eva Grate ow.ly/gFCq50jAWh3 (both BDes 2018)

Also in the NYC area is Saunter Trek Escort Parade... (S.T.E.P.), an exhibition @QueensMuseum that includes work by Maya Kaminishi Jeffereis (BFA 2006) ow.ly/bEuX30mnwJx

Check out this @azwithnancyg video with Katie Miller (BFA 2003)! ow.ly/L20o50jq4N9 @SeattleChannel

Join Eirik Johnson (BFA 1997) at G. Gibson Gallery on 11/10, 3-5pm, for a book signing; the monograph PINE is finally out! ow.ly/ZNZk30mkPni

ICYMI @PDXArtMuseum announced last month that @UWalum Kathleen Ash-Milby (BA 1991) will be their new Curator of Native American Art; kudos to Kathleen! ow.ly/1jCG50jxB7v

Isaac Layman (BFA 2003) will be at the center of one of the #PADAtalks in Portland @E_Leach_Gallery on Thursday, 11/15, 5:30pm: ow.ly/JH9K50jxB1A

Seattle area creatives! Take advantage of @LucasSpivey (BA 2009) & his Mobile Incubator being in town; you'll get some great business advice ow.ly/Q3th30mBNDu

Watch a video of Ellen Lesperance (BFA 1995) talking about the piece she created for a Facebook office in Seattle as part of their Artist in Residence program ow.ly/TkLi50jn6s7

We see Debbie Fecher Gramstad (MFA 1980), M.J. Linford (BA 1974), & Mary McInnis (BFA 1987) in Figuratively Speaking at The Art Project on Bainbridge Island this month ow.ly/XK4N30mrcaH

Shio Kusaka (BFA 2001) has work in Fire and Clay @Gagosian in Geneva through Dec 15: ow.ly/CkjN50jn4xG

Artists! Join Shayla Alarie (MA 2010) & her co-presenter on 11/30 @kirklandarts for a workshop on gallery representation ow.ly/PbCI30mF6NC

Did you know? IVA (2012) & MDes (2018) alum Aubree Ball is teaching in the @UW_iSchool ow.ly/2ntB30mBC2M & @uwmhcid ow.ly/kxsG30mBCaZ

ICYMI Read this @Crosscut article; it includes Eirik Johnson (BFA 1997), Kristen Ramirez (MFA 2004) & Margie Livingston (MFA 1990):
@Crosscut: Artists can help us see issues with new clarity. In Seattle, they’re joining scientists and thinkers in expressing ideas about the environment. bit.ly/2S4zkxo @henryartgallery @4Culture @Whatcom_Museum @GKuceraGallery

Check this out! Two alums chosen for 2019 Honolulu Biennial: Mario Lemafa (BFA 2013) & Ellen Lesperance (BFA 1995) ow.ly/n4pX30mGYfn

Stop by the Mexican Consulate in Seattle to see work by George Rodriguez (MFA 2009) as part of their NosotrUS series; the work will be there until late 2018, more info: ow.ly/c25H30mGZ4I

Congrats to @UWalum Anna Mlasowsky (MFA 2016) for winning the John & Joyce Price Award of Excellence for her work in Glasstastic @WEareBAM! View photos ow.ly/Alf830mH0ei & a video ow.ly/OVVg30mH0fh of the piece in performance

If you knew Jean Griffith (MFA 1963), influential in the world of clay, mark you calendar for her memorial celebration @potterynw on Jan 12, 2-6pm; their gallery will show objects related to her life during that month bit.ly/2VOJftA

Another alum from last century, Laura Pizzuto (MFA 1973), passed away this autumn; read her obituary ow.ly/CTiA30mH1w6

Did you know? One of the two new staff members @4Culture is Selina Hunstiger (BFA 2003) ow.ly/ISbm30mH0Cm