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Alumni News – December 2018

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Submitted on January 3, 2019 - 8:49pm

This is a listing of alumni news as posted to our social media outlets during the month of December 2018. Most news like this goes onto our Twitter feed; you can receive it in real-time by following us there.

#WeekendReading A great @seattlepi article about recent work by @UWalum & current Art History grad student Miha Sarani (BFA 2015) ow.ly/UehR30mKWsA Videos included! @UWArtSci @UW

Swing by @CoCASeattle for #FirstThursday to see You Got The Look with work by Prof Rebecca Cummins plus Jana Brevick (BFA 1999), Denise Emerson (BFA 1997), Molly Epstein (MFA 2008), Sarah Hood (BFA 1999), & Emma Rose (BA 2016) ow.ly/Lqr030mRTTJ

Join Tuan Nguyen (MFA 1999) for Open when you forget at Specialist Gallery on #FirstThursday ow.ly/hc5730mRNZO

Stop by SAM Gallery at 5pm on #FirstThursday for a panel discussion of artists & collectors; 2 of the artist are alums — Sheryl Westergreen (BFA 1997) & Kathy Hastings (MFA 1974) — ow.ly/SB9X30mRT51 @iheartSAM

Sara Long (BFA 2008) is showing Building a Body of Light @mount0analogue starting tonight ow.ly/UTnM30mRTAr #FirstThursday

@BryanOhno opens Laura Hamje's (BFA 2008) 53 Views of the Alaskan Way Viaduct for #FirstThursday ow.ly/BUTn30mRTE0

Linda Hodges Gallery has a group show of gallery artists including faculty member Timea Tihanyi (MFA 2003) plus Alfredo Arreguin (BA 1967, MFA 1969) & Polina Tereshina (BFA 2013) ow.ly/a0bt30mRTMq #FirstThursday

#WeekendSuggestion 1: Reception for Weathered by Samantha Scherer (MFA 1997) at G. Gibson Gallery is Saturday, 12/7, 3-5pm ow.ly/5T5E30mRTKC

#WeekendSuggestion 2: Stop by The Alice on Saturday (12/8), 4-7pm, to see Everyone's Floored; we see at least three alums in the mix: ow.ly/oHkr30mToYO

#WeekendReading A @seattletimes article about Laura Hamje (BFA 2008) & her paintings of the Alaskan Way Viaduct ow.ly/qyQp30mUNK6 Then go see the work @BryanOhno Gallery

Nice to see Phirak Suon (BFA 2013) co-teaching @Pilchuck during session 2 this summer, combining digitally printed clay & glass ow.ly/UQmH30mRSPT

We count 5 alums in the Out of the Box silent auction @METHODSeattle tomorrow night (12/12): Julia Freeman (MFA 2007), Cathy McClure (MFA 1997), Katie Miller (BFA 2003), Ruth Marie Tomlinson (MFA 1990), W. Scott Trimble (MFA 2003) bit.ly/2AVQyHt

Congrats to @UWalum Emma Teal Laukitis (MDes 2018) & her sister (aka @aksalmonsisters) for making a @Forbes 30 under 30 list ow.ly/adjj30mUnJV + being featured in @NatFishMag ow.ly/ekoA30mUnL1

Nice article about the work of Holly Ballard Martz (BFA 1988) in @bust_magazine ow.ly/5Ccd30mUnQ0

Levi Higgs (BA 2012) had @nytimesfashion list his Instagram account as 1 of 6 to follow ow.ly/TkGQ30mUoBY He was also recently interviewed by @phillipsauction ow.ly/2tpP30mUoDH

Read about the work Margie Livingston (MFA 1999) has in Extreme Landscape Painting @GKuceraGallery ow.ly/sYa330mUodv @TheStranger

Bryan Robertson (MFA 2016) is showing Body Politic at University City Library Gallery in Missouri this month ow.ly/N9RR30mUols

Next week @4Culture's gallery features work from some of the SODO Track artists, including Mary Iverson (BA 1989, MFA 2002) ow.ly/5VB330mUoX4 There's also an online gallery!

Julia Freeman (MFA 2007) has organized a Curator's Summit @ptcentrum this month ow.ly/HpLd50jWh5U (scroll down)

#WeekendSuggestion Sunday, 12/16, stop by the open studios at Building 30 West in Magnuson Park; among the artists are two alums: Renko Dempster (BA 1981) & Sandy Bricel Miller (BA 1980) ow.ly/L00S50jWgHl

Stop by Threshold Gallery @mithun_design on weekdays to see 3D printed ceramic vessels by Phirak Suon (BFA 2013) & Jacob Foran (MFA 2010) ow.ly/tjBL30mUo4U

Read about how Brent Holland (MFA 2004) created an artwork in 2.5 dimensions ow.ly/jwJX50jWgkm

Rockland Woods — run by Shawn Landis (BFA 2002) & Jodi Rockwell (MFA 2001) — has a 3-week summer residency for artists with children! Apply by Feb 1: ow.ly/4xt450jY02n