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Seattle Art Fair and Beyond

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Submitted on June 20, 2019 - 3:27pm

It is the fifth year of the Seattle Art Fair. School-affiliated people are involved with the fair as well as having work shown at Seattle-area exhibitions during the fair.

This news post will continue to expand as more information becomes available.

Seattle Art Fair

Be sure to visit the Seattle Art Fair website for full information about the fair, exhibitors, and associated events.

The School is once again a proud cultural partner of the Seattle Art Fair, which is a unique and innovative art experience showcasing the vibrant culture and diversity of the Pacific Northwest. The fair features over 90 local, regional, and international art galleries presenting modern and contemporary art.

Through our partnership, we are excited to extend discounted tickets for the fifth edition of the Seattle Art Fair to our supporters.


Here are the galleries at the fair involving and/or showing School-affiliated people. The galleries are in Seattle unless otherwise noted.

Elizabeth Leach Gallery of Portland has Isaac Layman (BFA 2003) as one of the artists in Booth A01.

Gail Severn Gallery of Ketchum, Idaho, has Victoria Adams (BA 1979) in Booth D31.

Gallery 110 is including Susan J. Christensen (BFA 1992, MFA 1994) in Booth G03.

Greg Kucera Gallery (owner, BFA 1980) has Claudia Fitch (BA 1975), Margie Livingston (MFA 1999), Professor Emeritus Norman Lundin, Sherry Markovitz (MFA 1975), and Whiting Tennis (BFA 1984) in Booth A17. Work by the late Professors Emeriti Michael Dailey and Alden Mason is in Booth A21. Chris Engman (BFA 2003) and Professor Emeritus Michael Spafford are in one of the booths.

Harris Harvey Gallery (directed by Sarah Harvey, MA 2013) is including Emily Wood (BA 1992) in Booth B19.

J. Rinehart Gallery has Jennifer Zwick (BFA 2004) in Booth C37.

James Harris Gallery (owner is current School Advisory Board member) is including Claire Cowie (MFA 1999), Mary Ann Peters (MFA 1977), and the late Professor Emeritus Akio Takamori in Booth D15.

Linda Hodges Gallery has Alfredo Arreguin (BA 1967, MFA 1969) and Cable Griffith (MFA 2002) in Booth B09.

Open Editions has Interdisciplinary Visual Art Assistant Professor Whitney Lynn as one of the featured artists in their pop up shop.

Paul Thiebaud Gallery of San Francisco has Painting + Drawing Professor Ann Gale in Booth A09.

PDX Contemporary Art of Portland is including Victoria Haven (BFA 1989) in Booth D27.

SEASON (owned by Robert Yoder, MFA 1987) is in Booth D19.

Shift Gallery is including Amanda C. Sweet (MFA 2015) and Jodi Waltier (BFA 1986) in Booth A43.

Traver Gallery (president, Sarah Traver, BFA 2002) is in Booth C31.

Woodside/Braseth Gallery is including Victoria Adams (BA 1979) and Jaq Chartier (MFA 1994) in Booth B33.

Zinc Contemporary (founder and curator, Laura Zeck, MFA 1993) has Betz Bernhard (MFA 1978), Lynne Hovis Rotholtz (BA 1983), Layne Kleinart (BFA 1992), Holly Ballard Martz (BFA 1988), and Barbara Robertson (MFA 1979) in Booth A37.


Articles that make mention of our alums and/or are written by alums.

"Here’s what to expect from the huge Seattle Art Fair 2019 — and how you can join in" by Gayle Clemans (MA 2001, PhD 2011). Seattle Times, 7/24/19.

"What to See at the 2019 Seattle Art Fair" by Jasmyne Keimig. The Stranger, 7/31/19.

"Seattle Art Fair strikes an aspirational vibe, but does it help the local art scene?" by Emily Pothast (MFA 2005). Crosscut, 7/31/19.

"Without Paul Allen, Seattle Art Fair opens to questions about its future" by Margo Vansynghel. Crosscut, 8/1/19.

"Take a peek inside Seattle Art Fair" by Brangien Davis & Agueda Pacheco Flores. Crosscut, 8/2/19.

"Seattle Art Fair is the shiny new kid on the block this weekend" by Marcie Sillman. KUOW, 8/2/19.

Other Venues

These are Seattle-area exhibitions that include School-affiliated people and take place during the time of the Seattle Art Fair.

Center for Architecture & Design: Discover + Disrupt is an exhibition by Electric Coffin; one of the collaborators is Duffy De Armas (BA 2010). Dates are June 6 – August 31.

Davidson Galleries: the Contemporary Northwest Print Invitational 2019 is organized in collaboration with Seattle Print Arts. Among the artists being shown are Judy Anderson (BFA 1997), Becky Birinyi (BFA 1972), Sheila Coppola (BFA 1982), Gene Gentry McMahon (BFA 1976, MFA 1978), Brian Lane (BA/BFA 2004), Kim Van Someren (staff member + MFA 2004), and Cynthia Yatchman (BFA 1994). Dates are August 1–31 with three afternoons to meet a selection of the artists: August 3, August 17, and August 24.

festival:festival takes place on August 2 and 3; it is co-directed by Juan Franco Ricardo (MA 2019) and Ryna Frankel (MFA 2017) is one of the participating artists.

G. Gibson Gallery: Tread Lightly is a group exhibition that includes Eirik Johnson (BFA 1997) and Samantha Scherer (MFA 1997) plus work by late Professor Robert C. Jones; dates are June 7 – August 3.

Gallery 110: A Kind of Reunion includes Dave Kennedy (MFA 2013) and Steven Miller (BFA 1992); dates are August 1–31.

Gallery 4Culture: New Abstractions is a solo exhibition by Bill Whipple (BFA 1970); dates are June 8 – August 8.

Greg Kucera Gallery: Raincoat is a solo exhibition by Claudia Fitch (BFA 1975); dates are July 18 – August 24.

Hoedemaker Pfeiffer hosts a solo exhibition by Katie Miller (BFA 2003); dates are August 3 – October 18 with a reception from 6–9pm on August 3.

James Harris Gallery: 20/20: A 20th Anniversary Survey is a group exhibition that includes alums Mary Ann Peters (MFA 1977) and Alwyn O'Brien (MFA 2010) plus work by late Professor Akio Takamori; dates are June 12 – August 17.

Pottery Northwest: their resident artist exhibition includes Tzyy Yi Young (BFA 2016) and Granite Calimpong (MFA 2019; dates are July 29 – August 22 with an open house from 12–2pm on August 3.

SOIL: Repossessed is an exhibition that includes Sara Osebold (BFA 2001), Kristen Ramirez (MFA 2004), and Daniel R. Smith (BA / BFA Design 1994); dates are August 1–31.

Specialist: Yellow features Julie Alexander (BFA 1981) with Nicholas Nyland (BFA 1999) and another artist. Forever Again is a group exhibition of small works that includes current MFA students Luke Armitstead and Stephanie Simek as well as Tuan Nguyen (MFA 1999). Dates for both are August 1 – September 22.

Veronica: Splash shows work by Jason Hirata (BFA 2010); dates are July 31 – August 24.

Zinc Contemporary: Blind Study is a group exhibition that does not include the first names of the artists. Included are L. Bassis (BA/BFA 2003), E. Chamberlain (BA/BFA 1997), J. Dempcy (BA 1981), and B. Robertson (MFA 1979).

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