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Design Presenting + Publishing

Submitted on June 23, 2019 - 12:26pm

Faculty and students in our Division of Design have been writing for presentation at conferences and/or for publication, highlighting some of their recent research.

Karen Cheng

Professor, Visual Communication Design

Cheng continues her work with the Design Help Desk, which is hosted in the UW Research Commons (Allen Library South). She was an author on a study titled "The Design Help Desk: A collaborative approach to design education for scientists and engineers," which was published in PLOS ONE during May. Among her co-authors were Jason Petz and Jonathan Cook (both MDes 2014). Following this, an article about the Design Help Desk and this recent research was published by UW News.

Audrey Desjardins

Assistant Professor, Interaction Design

Desjardins co-authored a paper titled "Alternative Avenues for IoT: Designing with Non-Stereotypical Homes" with Jeremy Viny (MDes student), Nouela Johnston (BDes 2018), and Cayla Key (BDes 2019). The paper received honourable mention and was presented at CHI 2019 (Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems) in Glasgow, Scotland, during May.

At DIS '19 (Designing Interactive Systems) in San Diego during late June, Desjardins is involved in multiple ways:

  • Co-organizing a day-long workshop on "First-Person Research Methods in HCI."
  • Presenting a paper co-authored with Interdisciplinary Visual Arts Senior Lecturer Timea Tihanyi titled "ListeningCups: A Case of Data Tactility and Data Stories."
  • Presenting another paper — "Bespoke Booklets: A Method for Situated Co-Speculation" — that Desjardins co-authored with Heidi Biggs (MDes 2019), Kelsey Aschenbeck (MDes 2019), and Cayla Key (BDes 2019).

Jason Germany

Assistant Professor, Industrial Design

Germany had a co-authored paper titled "Eliciting Public Display Awareness and Engagement: An Experimental Study and Semantic Strategy" published in the International Journal of Human Computer Interaction during April.

A paper that Germany co-authored with MDes student Justin Lund — "Form Follows Story: An Approach to Designing for Commercial Space Travel" — has been accepted to the 21st International Conference on Engineering & Product Design Education. Germany will be presenting the paper in Glasgow, Scotland, during September.

Annabelle Gould

Associate Professor, Visual Communication Design

A long-term project for Gould has been to develop a teaching resource for design educators. The idea came to full reality in April with publication of the AIGA Design Teaching Resource (DTR). It is "a peer-populated platform for educators to share assignments, teaching materials, outcomes, and project reflections." Learn more on the DTR's About page.

Axel Roesler

Associate Professor, Interaction Design, and Marsha and Jay Glazer Endowed University Professor

Roesler was lead author on a design case study titled "Practice-Centered Design of an Anesthesia Medication Template to Reduce Medication Handling Errors in the Operating Room," which was published in International Journal of Design during April. This project worked in partnership with several faculty and staff members of Seattle Children's Hospital and UW Medicine.