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Art History Grad Student Activities

Submitted on September 30, 2019 - 5:47pm

Graduate students in the Division of Art History are often busy with projects outside the traditional classroom. Here are a few examples from 2019.

Tori Champion

incoming MA student

I spent the summer leading up to the beginning of graduate school working at Arundel Books, in Pioneer Square, as a bookseller, curator of a small art gallery space, and co-editor of an upcoming monograph on 20th-century Utah artist Gaell Lindstrom, entitled The Art of Gaell Lindstrom: Utah and Beyond in Watercolor and Other Media, published by Chatwin Books.

Gloria de Liberali

PhD candidate

Last winter I served as managing editor for Volume 3 of Monday, the Jacob Lawrence Gallery journal. Since February, I have been the Curatorial Intern in the European Painting and Sculpture Department of the Seattle Art Museum for the upcoming exhibition Flesh & Blood: Italian Masterpieces from the Capodimonte Museum. In May I presented a paper on Dante's reception in Bentivoglio Bologna at the International Dante Conference in Ravenna, Italy, and in June I received the 2019 de Cillia Teaching with Excellence Award. In April I was selected as the Alvord Fellow in the Humanities for 2019-20, which combined with a scholarship from the Frank L. and Catherine D. Doleshy Endowed Fund will provide a full year of funding to support my dissertation work.

Abigail Massarano

incoming MA student

Over the last year, I interned with Linda Roundhill, a professional art conservator in the greater Seattle area, working to preserve and conserve 19th century outdoor bronze and marble statues, and restoring Classical and Hellenistic era pottery, including a Greek amphora and an ancient Israeli ossuary.

Ashley Verplank McClelland

PhD candidate

This year I continued to work at the Burke Museum as the Rights and Reproductions Manager for the Culture Department. I also am a curatorial assistant for the Bill Holm Center for Northwest Coast Native art working with grant recipients and preparing for the grand opening of the New Burke Museum in October. I gave several lectures for continuing education communities in downtown Seattle this summer. Last year I was invited to teach a class for a group of Native American students at the Monroe Prison, and I'll be doing another class there in late October. The first group of students created a wonderful button robe for the Burke Museum. This autumn I am teaching Art History 233 (Native Art of the Pacific Northwest) at UW and am working on my dissertation focused on Northwest Coast Tlingit art in Russia.

Laura Stowell

PhD student

This summer I participated in the 2019 Summer Institute for Technical Studies in Art at Harvard Art Museums. The topic of the two week workshop was color, and guest lecturers, conservators, and Harvard staff provided an incredibly generous and generative series of talks, demonstrations, workshops, hands-on experimentation, and discussion for the cohort of PhD students. I also co-directed, with Professor Marek Wieczorek, the Art History in the Netherlands study abroad program for the third time and enjoyed teaching and learning about contemporary art with our wonderful group of students.

Or Vallah

PhD student

During the summer, I worked primarily on studying the field of the history of emotions and researching its potential applications for the study of early modern art. On October 18 I will be presenting a paper titled "From a Success to a Failure: Re-reading Vasari's Struggle to Depict Duke Alessandro de' Medici in Armor" at the SECAC (formerly the Southeastern College Art Conference), in Chattanooga, Tennessee. This paper will showcase some ideas for the implementation of the history of emotions in the study of art history. I was recently awarded two scholarships: The Lloyd W. Nordstrom Art Scholarship from the School and The Mortar Board Alumni/Tolo Foundation Scholarship. These scholarships will allow me to further this research during the study abroad program "Materials, Making, Meaning." The program, organized by the School of Art + Art History + Design, will be held during winter quarter 2020 in Rome.