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Photo/Media Open House

Submitted on May 11, 2020 - 5:26pm
Jennifer on her 8th Birthday (empty) by H. Detweiler
H. Detweiler, Jennifer on Her 8th Birthday (empty), 1963 / 2019

While Photo/Media faculty and students are not able to welcome you to the Art Building for an Open House on May 14 as originally planned, we are featuring Photo/Media work on Instagram from May 13 through 15. We've also created online galleries based on three projects:


An assignment completed by the Photo/Media seniors in Professor Ellen Garvens' ART 440. These are recordings in the students' own words that discuss and show their senior thesis projects. The VoiceThreads often include earlier projects that have led to their current work. The commentaries highlight common themes and approaches that have been persistent in their individual research trajectories.

View the VoiceThreads gallery.

Participating artists:

  • Emily Cole
  • Yaran Cui
  • Jules Dale
  • Ryann Funk
  • Takae Goto
  • Liv Hagan
  • Jolynn Hsieh
  • Trey Marez
  • Shadrak Musafiri
  • Ana Osorno
  • Jamie Pearl
  • Katherine Penner
  • Kevin Pham
  • Heewon Song
  • Chenxin Sun
  • Matt Talorin


In the context of the “stay-at-home” order, Photo/Media juniors in Professor Rebecca Cummins’ ART 340 were invited to submit a response to Xavier de Maistre’s 1790 ironic memoir Voyage Around My Room. The French aristocrat spent 42 days under house arrest for an illegal duel and wrote this provocative travel journal within the confines of his room.

View the Voyage gallery.

Participating artist:

  • Abby Alishio
  • Diana Beare
  • Helen Chang
  • Han Eckelberg
  • Angela He
  • Lexi Maerz
  • Elissa Maxwell
  • Grace Mcguire
  • Steffany Ng
  • Hannah Sheil
  • Ruoxi Song
  • Carie Tan
  • Trung Thai
  • Nathanael T. Van Der Veen
  • Kate Whitney-Schubb
  • Victor Yang
  • Steven Yu
  • Kai Zhang
  • Zhanhao Zhang

Zoom Background Giveaway

These images — created by Photo/Media students, faculty, and alums — are sized to be used as virtual backgrounds in Zoom. Feel free to download them.

View the Zoom gallery.

Participating artists:

  • Rebecca Cummins
  • Henry Detweiler
  • Ryann Funk
  • Ellen Garvens
  • Takae Goto
  • Midori Hirose
  • Aaron Flint Jamison
  • Sean Lockwood
  • Stephanie Simek
  • Charles Stobbs
  • Nicholas Strobelt