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2020 Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair

Submitted on July 31, 2020 - 3:39pm

While there is no Seattle Art Fair this year, a number of galleries from Seattle and beyond have banded together to create the Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair (SDAF) during August. Gallery owner and alum Greg Kucera sparked the idea for SDAF in a mid-July email to other galleries, and the concept developed quickly.


Below we have listed galleries showing the work of faculty, staff, and/or alums of the School of Art + Art History + Design. Please email us if we have missed including someone. Check the SDAF website for the full list of participating galleries.

Columbia City Gallery: The Art of Protest is a group exhibition that includes alums Kerstin Graudins and Lisa Hasegawa; dates are August 12 – September 20.

Davidson Gallery: Contemporary Northwest Print Invitational 2020 is a group exhibition that has work by alums Christie Tirado and Amy Simons. Around the Northwest School includes alums and former faculty members George Tsutakawa and Glen Alps. Dates for both exhibitions are August 6 – September 26.

Foster/White Gallery: a solo exhibition by alum George Rodriguez (dates are August 6–22) and a group exhibition for the entire month of August with work by alum and former faculty member Alden Mason.

Gallery 110: a group exhibition that has work by alums Susan Christensen and Yvonne Kunz; dates are August 6–29.

Gallery Mack: a solo exhibition by alum Georgia Gerber; dates are August 1–31.

Greg Kucera Gallery (owner is alum): Visual & Virtual is a group exhibition including work by alums Chris Engman, Sherry Markovitz, and Roger Shimomura plus former faculty member Jacob Lawrence; dates are August 1–22.

Harris Harvey Gallery (alum Sarah Harvey is the gallery's director): Quiet Spaces is a solo exhibition by alum Lisa Snow Lady; dates are August 6–29.

J. Rinehart Gallery: The Slant of Line is a solo exhibition by alum and staff member Kim Van Someren (dates are August 1 – September 12). The gallery is also showing the work of alums Emily Gherard and Jaq Chartier (dates are August 6–29).

Koplin Del Rio: Spillways is a solo exhibition by alum Sean Howe; dates are July 23 – September 12.

Linda Hodges Gallery: a group exhibition that includes work by alums Alfredo Arreguin and Cable Griffith; dates are August 6–29.

Roq La Rue: showing work by Electric Coffin (alum Duffy De Armas is one of the collaborators); dates are August 13 – September 5.

Season: gallery is owned by alum Robert Yoder.

Shift Gallery: is showing art online and in the gallery; both venues have alums — Peggy Murphy, Miha Sarani, Amanda Sweet, and Jodi Waltier; through August 29.

SOIL Gallery: [placeholder] is a new member group exhibition that includes alum Erin Elyse Burns; dates are August 6–29.

Specialist: has work by alum Tuan Nguyen.

studio e: Venetian Virtual is their online group exhibition for SDAF, and it includes alum Sarah Norsworthy.

The Garage Studio Gallery: a pop-up group exhibition that has work by alums Gene Gentry McMahon, Barbara Robertson (gallery/exhibition host), and Gretchen Van Dyke; reception August 15.

Traver Gallery (alum Sarah Traver is gallery director): Fresh Air is a group exhibition that includes work by alum Anne Traver; dates are August 6–29.

Vetri Gallery: they are showing some gallery artists including alums Anna Mlasowsky and Tzyy Yi Young.

Winston Wächter: New From the Northwest has work by Painting + Drawing Professor Philip Govedare; open through August 31.

Woodside/Braseth Gallery: a group exhibition that includes new work by alum Victoria Adams; dates are August 5 – September 1.

ZINC Contemporary (alum Laura Zeck is founder and curator): Selections is an online group exhibition that includes alums Betz Bernhard and Barbara Robertson; dates are August 1–22.