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MONDAY – Volume 5

Submitted on December 1, 2020 - 2:30pm
Monday volume 5


The Jacob Lawrence Gallery is pleased to debut the fifth volume of its arts journal, MONDAY. Titled "Angel of History," the issue was guest edited by Marisa Williamson, the 2020 Jacob Lawrence Legacy Resident and a multidisciplinary artist who makes work about history, race, feminism, and technology. The issue features timely essays, conversations, poems, and images by Williamson as well as artists and writers Billie Lee, Malcolm Peacock, Crystal Z. Campbell, Matt Shelton, Dawn Holder, Nora N. Khan, and Adrienne Garbini.

“Angel of History” brings together these voices from around the country to explore how traumas of the past transcend time and progress, their stories and artifacts offering a lens through which we can better understand and influence the present and approaching future. Together the issue’s contributors — who collectively represent a wide range of backgrounds and creative practices — express an urgent need for presence and intention in actively shaping the events of the day. Throughout the issue, they examine the relentless human desire for safety and the ways that desire leads to systems of calculated predictability. But what dangers must emerge in moments of crisis, catastrophe, or change? Who bears the brunt of them?

Published by the Jacob Lawrence Gallery at the University of Washington, MONDAY presents experiments in arts writing that invite readers to imagine future forms of criticism. In a range of accessible and rigorous forms, its contributors dig into subjects that extend from fine arts to all manner of cultural expression, reminding us that approaches to cultural criticism can be as heterogeneous as the themes they address. Each year, one of MONDAY’s biannual print publications is created under the editorial guidance of the Jacob Lawrence Legacy Resident.

Table of Contents

  • Marisa WIlliamson, Introduction
  • Billie Lee, We, The Fragment
  • Malcolm Peacock & Marisa Williamson, Running Dialog
  • Crystal Z. Campbell, By Love, Have You Seen Paul Robeson
  • Matt Shelton, Gone
  • Dawn Holder, Digging Up The Lawnument
  • Nora N. Khan, Mind Goes Where The Eyes Can't Follow
  • Adrienne Garbini, Dead Horses
  • Marisa Williamson & Matt Shelton, Conclusion


Copies of MONDAY are available at the following locations: University Book Store, Elliott Bay Book Company, Third Place Books, Bulldog News, Café Presse, Kinokuniya Seattle, and Village Books. It may also be purchased online. Proceeds support the next issue of the journal.

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