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Core77 Design Awards 2023

Submitted on June 22, 2023 - 11:13pm

On June 21, Core77 announced the 2023 Core77 Design Awards 2023 winners, five UW Design faculty and students are included. 

Recognizing excellence in all areas of design enterprise, the Core77 Design Awards annually celebrates the richness of the design profession as well as the insight and perseverance of its practitioners. Now in its eleventh year, the Awards program remains dedicated to excellence and inclusivity, offering both students and professionals the opportunity to promote their best work on a global scale across 23 distinct design disciplines.

Visual Communication Design Chair and Professor Kristine Matthews (Studio Matthews) is the Visual Communication Award winner for the project Seattle Convention Center Summit. Interaction Design Professor Audrey Desjardins (Studio Tilt) is a Speculative Design Award runner up for the project Data Epics

In the student category, three Industrial Design seniors who graduated in Spring 2023, Riley Huston, Carter Heikkila, and Aanya Khaira are honorees. These are the awards, categories and projects the recent graduates were recognized for:

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Wandering Hearthfire Prototype by Riley Huston

Riley Huston

Student Winner / Sports & Outdoors


Wandering Hearthfire is an outdoor cooking solution designed with a focus on enhancing the chef's control over their food. With its unique asymmetrical design, the grill allows the chef to have full control over the cooking process while maintaining the authentic atmosphere of a wood-fired grill. 

Terralite Protype by Carter Heikkila

Carter Heikkila

Student Runner Up / Sports & Outdoors


The TerraLite backpacking stove is a sustainable cooking solution that operates on alcohol fuel, providing a more environmentally conscious alternative to traditional propane stoves that dominate the market. Designed to include all necessary elements of an alcohol stove system, TerraLite is able to stage a perfect physical integration of these elements within a cohesive cooking experience.

My Little Chef Protype by Aanya Khaira

Aanya Khaira

Student Notable / Home & Living


Inspired by the Montessori teaching method, My Little Chef builds upon principles of independence and curiosity to enable safe explorative play in the kitchen. Unlike other products on the market, My Little Chef is specifically designed for cooking with heat, making it the perfect tool to teach your child how to flip their first pancake or cook a meal for the whole family to enjoy. With integrated safety features and clever design, My Little Chef is the perfect tool for the future chef in your life!

Visit the 2023 Design Show site for more work from this year's Bachelor of Design (BDes) graduates. 

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