Madonna and Child by Simone Martini

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Aubree Ball
MDes Student, School Alum
Coreen Callister
MDes student
Karen Cheng
Professor, Visual Communication Design
Joe Costello
MDes student
Angelica Cupat
School Alum
Audrey Desjardins
Assistant Professor, Interaction Design
Richelle Dumond
MDes student
Lecturer, all programs
Annabelle Gould
Associate Professor, Visual Communication Design
Chad P. Hall
School Alum
Justin Hamacher
Lecturer, MHCI+D (Design)
Tad Hirsch
Associate Professor, Interaction Design
Emma Laukitis
MDes student
Catherine Lim
School Alum
Lea Martin
School Alum
Kristine Matthews
Chair, Visual Communication Design, Associate Professor, Visual Communication Design
JT Milhoan
Lecturer, Industrial Design
Sean O'Neill
Instructional Technician: 3D4M (Glass)
Clare Ortblad
MDes student
Sarah Reitz
MDes student
Axel Roesler
Chair, Interaction Design, Associate Professor, Interaction Design
Christopher Seeds
MDes student
Program Director, MHCI+D (Design), Senior Lecturer
Tate Strickland
MDes student
Scott Tsukamaki
MDes student, School Alum