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Staff + Faculty Transitions in 2022-2023

Submitted on October 11, 2023 - 12:15am

Retiring + Departing 

  • Retired Professors David Brody, Ellen Garvens, and Phillip Govedare helped shape the futures of thousands of students through their teaching, leadership, and extraordinary creative research. 
  • Jeanette Mills retired for the second time in March 2023. In the IT Department, Director of IT Mark Rector also retired for the second time.
  • Morgan Bell, who graciously supported our needs in Visual Services and IT departed to join the Continuum College where she will be part of the Learning Experience team as an Instructor Development Specialist.
  • Our most senior staff member, Judi Clark (MA, Art History, 1996), Director of Academic Advising and Student Services, retired after more than 30 years of service and steadfast devotion to the School.
  • Liz Copland who helped guide the educational and life paths of so many of our students through her role on the Advising team, leaves the School to join the UW College of Arts and Sciences as a Program Operations Specialist.
  • Photo/Media Instructional Technicians Nick Strobelt and Sean Lockwood departed in September 2023 to to pursue other career opportunities.

Joining + Promoted

  • Chanda Zea, Tzyy Yi (Amy) Young, and Lisa Geertsen joined the School as Instructional Technicians for 3D4M. Chanda Zea and Lisa Geertsen in Ceramics, and Amy Young in Glass. 
  • The IT team is complete with the arrival of Phil Kim as the Director of IT  and Alex Hill as IT Support Specialist. They both joined in the summer.  
  • Leo Carmona joined in January as our first Media Relations Specialist and is responsible for the School's communications and external relations. 
  • Kat Carter joined the School in Spring 2023 to support Advising + Student Services front-desk in a part-time capacity, and in June 2023, she became full time staff as the Constituency Relations Officer (CRO).
  • Britta Simon joins us as Director of Advising and Student Services in June. Britta was the Director of Academic Services at Jackson School of International Studies for the past couple of years after a decade of work at Continuum College. 
  • Katie Twiss has transitioned from her previous role as a program coordinator to the ranks of academic advisor.
  • Joining the faculty as one-year appointments are Carly Sheehan in Painting + Drawing and Andy Fallat in 3D4M (Sculpture), who was previously the Technical Instructor for 3D4M (Sculpture).
  • Three new tenure-track faculty are settling in. Chad Hall, Henry Jackson-Spieker, and Victor Yañez-Lazcano were appointed as Associate Professors and began teaching in Autumn 2023. 

Another significant staffing development over the summer was the appointment of Annabelle Gould as Associate Director of the School of Art + Art History + Design, which will lead to her becoming Director of the School on July 1, 2024. Professor Gould joined the UW in 2003 and has been a core member of the Visual Communication Design faculty, past chair of the Division of Design, and a national contributor to design education.

We thank every staff and faculty member who departed, for their incredible work to support our students. We wish them well in the next chapter of their lives. And to those who have recently joined us: welcome to the School!