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Kristine Matthews: What Do You Make of This?

Submitted on October 27, 2023 - 5:34am
Kristine Matthews: What Do You Make of This?

The Jacob Lawrence Gallery is pleased to present What Do You Make of This? featuring the work of Kristine Matthews, Associate Professor of Design and Chair of the Visual Communication Design program at the University of Washington School of Art + Art History + Design. The lecture and exhibit are part of the UW faculty promotion process.


November 7 – December 2, 2023
Jacob Lawrence Gallery
Open Tuesday – Friday 10am–5pm, Saturday 12pm–5pm


November 16, 6-7pm
Art Building, Room 227/229
Reception: 7-8:30pm at the Jacob Lawrence Gallery
The gallery will be open prior to the lecture on Thursday 11/6 from 11am-6pm.


Creating visual design for environments presents unique opportunities as well as questions: How can we put new and different materials to work to tell stories better?
Clients often assume that designing in a sustainable way translates to higher cost. Meanwhile designers know that they should be ‘thinking green’ but worry that it will limit their creative solution. Sustainable solutions can be more compelling and often more cost effective than following tradition.

Can we amplify voices and stories that traditionally have been overlooked?
Historically the efforts of designers have been used to support groups with the most resources; i.e. money and power. Designers are trained to direct attention where it is wanted, enabling those clients to extend their influence even further. But designers can put their skills to work for communities and organizations that traditionally have been underserved—shining a spotlight on their stories.

Could we talk with our audience, rather than just talking at them?
Asking the right questions, and encouraging people to articulate their internal beliefs—or share their personal stories—rather than just passively take in information is powerful. We can help people see themselves and others, and reflect on the similarities and differences they share or don’t share. This is the essence of growth for our society.

About the Designer

Kristine Matthews is an Associate Professor of Design and Chair of the Visual Communication Design program at the University of Washington, and a leader in sustainable design of communication in the environment, including exhibitions, installations, wayfinding and environmental graphics and interpretation. She established Studio Matthews in 2008 and is the former co-director of thomas.matthews, the award-winning studio she led from 1998 to 2008 in London, England. Dovetailing professional practice with education, her advanced Exhibition and Installation Design course creates innovative design in the environment with a focus on audience engagement and sustainability. Her work has been published around the world.

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