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Alumni Events – May 2024

Submitted on April 16, 2024 - 3:20pm
Chris Engman, Ocean 2023
Ocean, 2023. Chris Engman


Sculptor Jan Hoy (BFA 1970) is displaying her hard-edged and naturalistic sculptures at the J. Rinehart Gallery in her new exhibition titled Fluidity. The exhibit is on display from March 30 - April 24.

New media artist Sadaf Sadri (MFA 2022) has opened an exhibit titled Four-Letter Word at the Method Gallery. The exhibit is open from March 30 - April 27 and has much to do with space and the ongoing struggles in the Middle East.

The Greg Kucera Gallery is currently displaying works from artist Chris Engman (BFA 2003) in an exhibit titled Work and Play. The exhibit is open from April 4 - May 11.

Painter Emily Gherard (MFA 2004) is among one of the lucky artists to feature at the Sam and Adele Golden Gallery exhibit titled Made in Paint. The exhibit runs from April 13 - June 21.

Morris Adjmi Architects in New York is hosting work by photomedia artist Robin Crookall (BFA 2007). Her exhibit titled Real Spaces examines the differences between urban and domestic spaces while alluding to old styles of photography. The opening reception for the exhibit is May 1.

Maria Phillips (MFA 1997) will be having her exhibit at what point… on display at the 4Culture Gallery from May 2 - 30. The exhibit is meant to highlight environmental consciousness and ideas of sustainability. 

Painter Margie Livingston (MFA 1999) has an upcoming exhibit at the Greg Kucera Gallery titled Flux from May 16 – June 29.

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