Rojava by Ben Dunn

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3D4M: ceramics + glass + sculpture

The BA in Art with a 3D4M (3-Dimensional Forum) concentration focuses on the study of Ceramics, Glass, and Sculpture. The mission of this program is to explore interdisciplinary exchanges that revolve around material study, concept, and critical dialog in a studio-based environment.

This is a degree geared to students who want to pursue a career in the arts. Students entering this program may choose to concentrate their studies in one of these three media while working alongside and in conjunction with students working in the other two. The senior year is dedicated to independent and guided studio research culminating in exhibitions and source presentations.

Classes are taught in the Art Building, and at the 3D4M Studio (located at the Ceramics and Metal Arts Building) where there are extensive facilities for ceramics, glass, wood and metal fabrication. The CMA also houses a foundry, digital imaging center and two galleries. As a complement to the basic course offerings, a number of extra-curricular opportunities are supported that greatly enhance the student experience including a 12-month schedule of student and visiting artist exhibitions and lectures.

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