My Dear Friend, Time, an installation by Ellen (Jing) Xu

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BA in Art: Interdisciplinary Visual Art concentration

The IVA concentration emphasizes research-based art production with a focus on exploring innovative connections between disciplines. Students are expected to develop their own visual language which speaks to their engagement in broader cultural conversations. The program is rooted in collaboration and supports student agency with an open curriculum structure and thematic coursework designed to help students find purpose and direction for their own discovery. 

Admission to the BA in Art is based on completion of prerequisite courses and GPA.

Information about Honors in Art.

Interdisciplinary Visual Art concentration

The following classes are recommended for the BA in Art Interdisciplinary Visual Art concentration. Courses in bold are taught by IVA-Faculty and highly recommended for students following the IVA concentration.


Many upper-division studio art classes have prerequisites, so students should discuss the recommendations for introductory classes with an Art Adviser.

  • ART 285 Introduction to New Genres
  • ART 101 Visual Art and Creative Thinking
  • ART 131 Alternative Approaches to Art/Design
  • ART 255 Making Meaning: Art and Mathematics as Embodied Practices
  • ART 140 Basic Photo
  • ART 190 Beg Drawing
  • ART 191 Color Studies
  • ART 233 Intro to Glass
  • ART 240 Interm Photo I
  • ART 245 Concepts in Printmaking
  • ART 246 Works on Paper
  • ART 253 Intro to Ceramics
  • ART 272 Intro to Sculpture
  • ART 290 Figure Drawing
  • ART 292 Beg Painting

IVA Concentration 300-levels (20cr)

  • ART 355 Materials in Context for Interdisciplinary Practice
  • ART 365 Social Practice
  • ART 375 IVA Seminar
  • ART 360 Topics in Studio Art and Practice
  • ART 350 Printmaking Special Projects
  • ART 333 Interm Glass
  • ART 353 Interm 3D4M
  • ART 372 Interm Sculpture
  • ART 390 Interm Drawing
  • ART 392 Interm Painting I
  • ART 393 Interm Painting II

IVA Concentration 400-levels (15cr)

  • ART 400 IVA Senior Studio/Exhibition Project
  • ART 421 Time-Based Art
  • ART 457 Artist Publications
  • ART 458 Alternative Approaches to Drawing
  • ART 460 Advanced Topics in Art
  • ART 485 Site-Responsive Interventions
  • ART 450 Individual Projects in Printmaking
  • ART 453 Sr 3D4M Studio
  • ART 440 Sr Photo/Media
  • ART 490 Adv Drawing
  • ART 492 Adv Painting

Art History (15 cr; to include 5 cr 300-level)

Completing one 200-level art history writing class in your first year as an Art major is highly recommended. Classes marked * satisfy UW writing requirement. Art History classes also satisfy VLPA and/or I&S and credits outside the major of Art.

  • AH 200 Athena to Lady Gaga: Art in the Modern Imagination
  • AH 201 Survey of Western Art: Ancient
  • AH 203 Survey of Western Art: Modern*
  • AH 204 Art History & Visual Culture*
  • AH 209 Topic: Art Now*
  • AH 212 Chinese Art & Visual Culture*
  • AH 220 American Art
  • AH 233 Survey Native Art of the PNW
  • AH 270 Contemporary Art & Identity
  • AH 272 History of Photography
  • AH 273 Impressionism
  • AH 290 History of Architecture
  • AH 309 Topics in Art History
  • AH 310 Chinese Art & Archaeology: Neolithic to Han Dynasty
  • AH 311 Arts of Imperial China
  • AH 312 Art & Empire in India 1750-1900
  • AH 314 Modern & Contemp Art in India
  • AH 361 Italian Renaissance Art
  • AH 373 Southern Baroque Art
  • AH 380 19th & 20th-Century Art
  • AH 381 Art Since WW II
  • AH 390 American Architecture Though an Ecological Lens
  • AH 391 Paris Architecture

Please note: Courses listed above are not necessarily offered each quarter – check the online quarterly time schedule for current class listings, prerequisites, and/or recommended background.

To graduate with an undergraduate degree from the University of Washington, students must successfully complete at least 180 course credits: a combination of major requirements (listed above), UW general education requirements, and electives.