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BA in Art: Photomedia concentration

The BA in Art with a Photomedia concentration emphasizes a wide range of conceptual and technical practices in photography, video, and related media within the context of contemporary art. Coursework promotes awareness of the historical and contemporary artistic, social, and cultural roles of photography/video and a variety of related installation and material practices. The program offers basic instruction in lighting, darkroom use, large format digital and analog imaging, a strong technical grounding in contemporary digital imaging, and a depth of hands-on exhibition experiences within the program’s two exhibition spaces in addition to school-wide exhibition facilities.

Admission to the BA in Art is based on completion of prerequisite courses and GPA.

Please note: For students who are already declared majors (prior to Winter 2018) in the 3D4M BFA, Photomedia BFA, P+D BFA , P+D BA, or IVA BA programs, please see your Degree Audit Report for current degree information. Current majors and new BA in Art majors are welcome to contact Advising for more information:

BA in Art (70 cr) Degree Requirements

Introductory Art (20 cr)

Classes in bold are prerequisites for 300 level classes in the Photomedia concentration.

  • ART 101 Narratives in Art & Design
  • ART 140 Basic Photo
  • ART 190 Beg Drawing
  • ART 191 Color Studies
  • ART 233 Intro to Glass
  • ART 240 Interm Photo I
  • ART 245 Concepts Printmaking
  • ART 246 Works on Paper
  • ART 253 Intro to Ceramics
  • ART 260 Intro Contemporary Art
  • ART 272 Intro to Sculpture
  • ART 290 Figure Drawing
  • ART 292 Beg Painting

Photomedia Concentration (30 cr)

All 15 credits of ART 340 must be completed before enrolling in the capstone class, ART 440.

  • ART 242 Interm Photo II, 5 cr (prereq ART 240)
  • ART 340 Adv Photomedia, 5 cr, max 15 cr (prereq ART 242)
  • ART 300/400 electives, or 400 level DXARTS classes, 10 cr

Photomedia Capstone (10 cr)

  • ART 440 Senior Studio Photo

Art History (15 cr; to include 5 cr 300-level)

We recommend that you complete at least one 200-level art history writing class from the following list in your first year as an Art major. Classes marked * satisfy Writing requirement. Art History classes also satisfy VLPA and/or I&S and credits outside the major of Art.

  • AH 200 Athena to Lady Gaga: Art in the Modern Imagination
  • AH 201 Survey of Western Art: Ancient
  • AH 203 Survey of Western Art: Modern*
  • AH 204 Art History & Visual Culture*
  • AH 209 Topic: Art Now*
  • AH 212 Chinese Art & Visual Culture*
  • AH 214 Art of India: Mohenjo-Daro to the Mughals*
  • AH 233 Survey Native Art of the PNW
  • AH 290 History of Architecture
  • AH 309 Topics in Art History 
  • AH 310 Chinese Art & Archaeology: Neolithic to Han Dynasty
  • AH 311 Arts of Imperial China
  • AH 312 Art & Empire in India 1750-1900
  • AH 314 Modern & Contemp Art in India 
  • AH 361 Italian Renaissance Art
  • AH 373 Southern Baroque Art
  • AH 380 19th & 20th-Century Art
  • AH 381 Art Since WW II
  • AH 384 American Art
  • AH 390 American Architecture Though an Ecological Lens
  • AH 391 Paris Architecture

Please note: Courses listed above are not necessarily offered each quarter - check the online quarterly time schedule for current class listings, prerequisites, and/or recommended background.

To graduate with an undergraduate degree from the University of Washington, students must successfully complete at least 180 course credits: a combination of major requirements (listed above), general education requirements, and electives.