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BA in Art: Photo/Media concentration

We look forward to safely returning to in-person instruction and activities this autumn quarter. Current and prospective students please visit our COVID-19 Updates pages.

The Photo/Media concentration emphasizes a wide range of conceptual and technical practices in contemporary art with an emphasis on photography, video, mixed media, installation and related media. The program supports experimentation and develops critical thinking; required readings, lectures, art and art history coursework introduce historical and contemporary perspectives. Available facilities include two experimental galleries, computer lab, lighting studio, B/W darkroom, large printers and a sound studio.

Admission to the BA in Art is based on completion of prerequisite courses and GPA.

Please note: For students who are already declared majors (prior to Winter 2018) in the 3D4M BFA, Photomedia BFA, P+D BFA , P+D BA, or IVA BA programs, please see your Degree Audit Report for current degree information. Current majors and new BA in Art majors are welcome to contact Advising for more information: uaskart@uw.edu

Photo/Media concentration

The following classes are recommended for the BA in Art Photo/Media concentration:

Introductory Art (20 cr)

ART classes in bold are prerequisites for 300 level classes in the Photo/Media concentration.

  • ART 101 Narratives in Art & Design
  • ART 140 Basic Photo
  • ART 190 Beg Drawing
  • ART 191 Color Studies
  • ART 233 Intro to Glass
  • ART 240 Interm Photo I
  • ART 242 Interm Photo III
  • ART 245 Concepts in Printmaking
  • ART 246 Works on Paper
  • ART 253 Intro to Ceramics
  • ART 260 Intro to Contemporary Art
  • ART 272 Intro to Sculpture
  • ART 290 Figure Drawing
  • ART 292 Beg Painting

Photo/Media Concentration (35 cr)

All 15 credits of ART 340 must be completed before enrolling in the capstone class, ART 440.

  • ART 340 Adv Photomedia, 15 cr
  • ART 300/400 electives (ART 361 Critical Issues in Contemporary Art, faculty recommendation), 5 cr
  • ART 440 Senior Studio Photo, 15 cr

Art History (15 cr; to include 5 cr 300-level)

Completing one 200-level art history writing class in your first year as an Art major is highly recommended. Classes marked * satisfy UW writing requirement. Art History classes also satisfy VLPA and/or I&S and credits outside the major of Art.

  • AH 200 Athena to Lady Gaga: Art in the Modern Imagination
  • AH 201 Survey of Western Art: Ancient
  • AH 203 Survey of Western Art: Modern*
  • AH 204 Art History & Visual Culture*
  • AH 209 Topic: Art Now*
  • AH 212 Chinese Art & Visual Culture*
  • AH 214 Art of India: Mohenjo-Daro to the Mughals*
  • AH 220 American Art
  • AH 233 Survey Native Art of the PNW
  • AH 270 Contemporary Art & Identity
  • AH 272 History of Photography
  • AH 273 Impressionism
  • AH 290 History of Architecture
  • AH 309 Topics in Art History
  • AH 310 Chinese Art & Archaeology: Neolithic to Han Dynasty
  • AH 311 Arts of Imperial China
  • AH 312 Art & Empire in India 1750-1900
  • AH 314 Modern & Contemp Art in India
  • AH 361 Italian Renaissance Art
  • AH 373 Southern Baroque Art
  • AH 380 19th & 20th-Century Art
  • AH 381 Art Since WW II
  • AH 390 American Architecture Though an Ecological Lens
  • AH 391 Paris Architecture

Please note: Courses listed above are not necessarily offered each quarter – check the online quarterly time schedule for current class listings, prerequisites, and/or recommended background.

To graduate with an undergraduate degree from the University of Washington, students must successfully complete at least 180 course credits: a combination of major requirements (listed above), UW general education requirements, and electives.