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IVA Degree Requirements

The Interdisciplinary Visual Arts program offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, with an option to pursue Honors in Art.

Course work can be completed in the fields of ceramics, glass, fibers, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, design and art history. You may wish to focus your work in one or two areas, or you might choose to study broadly within the available course offerings. You might also investigate related areas such as film studies, architecture, business, comparative history of ideas, digital arts and experimental media, and computer science. 

To graduate with undergraduate degree from the University of Washington, students must successfully complete at least 180 course credits: a combination of major requirements (listed below), general education requirements, and electives.

Admission to the major is based on completion of prerequisite courses and GPA.

Interdisciplinary Visual Arts Major Requirements (75 Credits)

Please note: this curriculum is subject to approval. Current students should refer to their Degree Audit (DARS) for current major requirements.

Introductory Courses (20 Credits)

  • ART 260: Introduction to Contemporary Art for Interdisciplinary Practice required
  • 15 additional credits in 100- and 200-level ART courses

Intermediate Courses (25 Credits)

advanced Courses (15 Credits)