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2017–2018 Undergraduate Scholarships

Submitted on September 25, 2017 - 11:12am
2016 Undergraduate Scholarship Reception
2016 undergraduate scholarship recipients at the reception; photo by Henry McCombs

The School will recognize 2017-2018 undergraduate scholarship recipients with presentations and a reception on October 12. The students will be able to invite family and friends. The scholarship winners this year are:

Incoming Freshmen / Transfer Student Awards

The Crabby Beach Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Art

  • Taryn Harkness
  • Parisa Jamali
  • Jason Liang
  • Jovita Mercado
  • Christian Moore
  • Cassandra Skanes
  • Logan Windish
  • Zhenyan (Annie) Xu

The Kathryn Hinckley-Martin Endowed Scholarship

  • Katharine Whitney-Schubb
  • Sean Fudenna

Special Achievement Awards

Division of Art

3D4M: ceramics + glass + sculpture

  • Nadia Ahmed, Priscilla and Melvin Wilson Endowed Scholarship
  • Adrian Gomez, Kottler Noritake Scholarship
  • Shannon Michelle Hobbs, Priscilla and Melvin Wilson Endowed Scholarship
  • Marlee Hopkins, Doris Totten Chase Endowed Scholarship
  • Jolin Strum, Harold and Sylvia Tacker Award
  • Amy Wang, Julaine Martin Endowed Scholarship in the Arts

Interdisciplinary Visual Arts

  • Wan Na Huang, Harold And Sylvia Tacker Award
  • Frida Galilea Saucedo, Milnora Roberts Scholarship

Painting + Drawing

  • Marco Damien Ammatelli, P. Rathvon Family Legacy Scholarship
  • Xiaoyi Gao, Jacob and Gwendolyn Lawrence Endowed Art Scholarship
  • Wenjie Wang, Patricia and Jack Roberts Endowed Student Support Fund


  • Daniel Briggs, Harold and Sylvia Tacker Award
  • Daniel Truong Hoang, Mary Violet Ferguson Art School Scholarship
  • Aurora San Miguel, Louis and Katherine Marsh Scholarship in Art

Division of Art History

  • Nadia Ahmed, Lloyd W. Nordstrom Art Scholarship
  • Alexandra Savenko, Milnora Roberts Scholarship

Division of Design

Industrial Design

  • Samantha Jack Spaeth, Kenneth L. Striker Scholarship
  • Nate Chang, David B. and Jody Evans Smith/George and Alice McCain Endowed Scholarship
  • Jazmine Hoyle, Steve and Gail Kaneko Endowed Scholarship
  • Emma Boyle, Steve and Gail Kaneko Endowed Scholarship

Interaction Design

  • Theresa Afilia Utanto, Kenneth L. Striker Scholarship

Visual Communication Design

  • Chloe Wei-Yi Yeo, Kenneth L. Striker Scholarship

Design Sophomore

  • Ioan Sofian Butiu, Kenneth L. Striker Scholarship