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Our Dream Team

Submitted on February 10, 2018 - 8:44pm

The School is happy to announce that our seven Instructional Technicians were nominated as a team for the University of Washington 2018 Distinguished Staff Award. These staff play an integral part in the teaching mission of the School, and they are important to us providing a creative and safe working environment for students, staff, and faculty. They also all pursue projects outside of the School as artists, designers, and/or curators.

While each of these staff members have their own unique skill sets and specific contributions, some of the phrases in the nomination packet apply to all of them:

  • enthusiastic about helping students learn
  • has a personal investment in our projects and our success
  • accessible to students and has the knowledge to solve problems and explain techniques
  • the connective tissue of the program

Keep an eye on our Instagram feed in the near future for more information about our Instructional Technician team members.

Andrew Fallat

Fallat received an MFA from our 3D4M Program in 2007. After several years working at Fabrication Specialties Ltd, he became a staff member in 3D4M during 2014. He oversees the sculpture facility.

John Martin

Martin has managed the School's Woodshop since 2001. He regularly works with both Art and Design students. He has been an important leader in safety, serving on committees beyond the School and co-chairing the School's Environmental Health + Safety Committee.

Flyn O'Brien

O'Brien received a BDes from our Industrial Design Program in 2013, and he joined the School's staff in 2016. He oversees the Advanced Concepts Lab, adjacent to the Woodshop, where 3D fabrication of student projects takes place.

Sean O'Neill

O'Neill joined the staff of 3D4M in 2012 to work closely with then Assistant Professor Mark Zirpel in the development of the glass facilities. He was instrumental in the debut of a hot glass furnace and related equipment in 2016.

Jinsoo Song

Song became the Instructional Technician for the ceramics area of 3D4M in 2015. In addition to overseeing clay facilities, he is also the Ceramic and Metal Arts (CMA) Building manager, which includes two gallery spaces.

Michael Van Horn

Van Horn received his MFA in Photography from the School in 1987, and he became the staff person supporting that program in 1991. He oversees program equipment as well as their darkroom, computer lab, and gallery spaces.

Kim Van Someren

Van Someren earned her 2004 MFA in Printmaking from the School and joined the staff in 2009. She supports Interdisciplinary Visual Arts classes, especially those involving printmaking, and she oversees maintenance of the Painting + Drawing studio classrooms as well.