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Japanese Woodcut Prints

Submitted on June 9, 2023 - 3:52pm
Sweet Violet Breeze

An exhibition in Art 220 features prints made at the University of Washington Printmaking Studios by artists in a Relief Printmaking Class taught in conjunction with an advanced Art History class focusing on the history of Japanese prints.

Team taught in Spring 2023 by Professor Miriam Chusid and Professor Curt Labitzke, the course ARTH 400A: Japanese Woodblock Prints introduced Japan’s most celebrated artistic medium in the Edo period (1600-1868): woodblock prints. In each seminar session, students explored a major issue in print design and its cultural implications and look at images of the pleasure quarters, landscapes, urban culture, and perspective prints. Through close readings of the pictorial language of the printed medium, students developed skills to be able to identify and discuss important motifs and habits of representation in this unique period of Japanese history. In the studio component, each student created a print in response to the material they studied in seminar.

The final project was a class exhibition where students showcased their work, bringing the Edo period into the hallways of UW. The artists focused on various relief print processes using oil and water-based inks on a variety of papers. Participating artists:

  • Remy Boyd-Sandoval
  • Conan Carpa
  • Darwin Deschenes
  • Raven Faith Forgey
  • Lacey Fry
  • Taylor Gubser
  • Hallel Jornadal
  • Zoe Nelles Sorel
  • Nica Elsa
  • Oxford Alexa Parish
  • Samantha Pena
  • John Romano-Olsen
  • Nicholas Dimitriovich Sherbakov
  • Jamie Sullivan
  • Julie Vo Ahran Won
  • Curt Labitzke
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