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2024 MDes Work in Progress

Submitted on December 18, 2023 - 12:20pm

Six Master of Design students are working towards graduation in June 2024. On December 8, they shared their current thesis research at an in-person poster show with a corresponding virtual option. The poster show is an opportunity for faculty, peers, and design community to learn the progress of their thesis projects, with some students presenting initial findings from their surveys and field studies. 

Here are four opportunities for you to learn about each of the thesis projects and their progress: 

1. Read the brief thesis project statements of each of the MDes candidates. 

Kristiaan Brauer

Brauer's thesis explores how understandings of bias' and heuristics from cognitive and behavioral sciences can be applied to the design of products for high-risk sports to guide users to make correct choices or remember training in stressful or unexpected situations. 

Maya Kaneko

Kaneko's project utilizes design as a lens to re-imagine and provoke discussion on what the experience of menopause could be through participatory design methods, co-speculation, and interactive installation design.

Ann Mathew

Mathew's thesis focuses on speculating an alternate future reality, where the social environments we inhabit are thoughtfully designed to promote the mental well-being of individuals with dementia, ensuring they can maintain a strong sense of personhood and self. 

Min Jung Koo

Koo's thesis has an aim to explore how the utilization of artifacts and home spaces facilitate communication, reinforce emotional connections, and enhance the sense of togetherness among family members and loved ones. 

Wyatt Olson 

Olson explores how using design fiction and co-speculation to critically probe and foster debate about location-based recommender systems and related issues of privacy.

Chuanzhe Xiong

In the current fashion landscape, especially among Gen Z, the accumulation of clothing has surged, driven by evolving styles. Simultaneously, the challenge of parting with underutilized but valuable items has intensified, contributing to significant friction in the buying and selling used clothes. This project aims to navigate and streamline these complexities, offering solutions to enhance the overall experience in sustainable fashion practices. 

2. View posters on a corresponding virtual space on Figma, which mirrored the in-person session. View posters.

3. Read articles by MDes students on Medium, where they share insights into their projects. Read articles

Between Lines. Courtesy of Wyatt Olson

4. View photo gallery with highlights from the in-person poster show. View photos.

MDes graduates will showcase their completed thesis projects in Spring 2024 as part of the MFA + MDes Thesis Exhibition at the Henry Arts Gallery on May 24 - June 30.