(balancing one’s own weight in a shadow of antithetical sides) by Paul Baughman

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Students and others, please visit our spring quarter 2020 webpages. Student questions for advising should be sent to uaskart@uw.edu. The Art Building is closed until further notice.
Jamie Walker
Omak Lake 2 by Joe Feddersen
Meredith Clausen
Benita Cooper with grandmother
Work by Ellen Lesperance
Keechelus 9032 by Joe Freeman Jr
Panther collection by ForanSuon
Object7 by Ruth Kazmerzak
Zoo by Eirik Johnson
Infolding IX by Deborah Horrell
Multiple works from Burning Man by HYBYCOZO
Chelsea Vapors by Mark Mueller
Presence of Absence by Katie Miller
Lucas Spivey and his Mobile Incubator
Reversed Start Target by Claire Cowie