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2016 Undergraduate Research Symposium

Submitted on May 16, 2016 - 1:54pm
2016 Undergraduate Research Symposium participants
Professor Jamie Walker, Kalina Chung, Kayla Fox, Tzyy Yi (Amy) Young, and Professor Amie McNeel at the 2016 Undergraduate Research Symposium

One Division of Art History and four Division of Art students (plus a non-Art student mentored by one of our faculty) are participating in this year's symposium on Friday, May 20. Follow the links below and then click on the titles to see a description of each project/presentation.

Each year a small number of mentors are selected to receive a Research Mentor Award. We are pleased that 3D4M Professor Amie McNeel received the award this year.

Division of Art

These students are participating in the Visual Arts & Design Showcase, which takes place in Odegaard Undergraduate Library from 3-4:30pm.

Maryam Bhurgri, 3D4M | Clouds | mentored by Professor Amie McNeel

Ireland Castillo, Architecture | A Thousand and One Cranes | mentored by Professor Michael Swaine

Kalina Chung, 3D4M | Hangers | mentored by Professors Amie McNeel and Doug Jeck

Kayla Fox, 3D4M | A Little On Edge | mentored by Professors Doug Jeck and Amie McNeel

Tzyy (Amy) Young, 3D4M | Predisposition | mentored by Professors Doug Jeck, Amie McNeel, and Jamie Walker

Division of Art History

Scarlett Strauss | mentored by Professor Stuart Lingo Strauss is part of the UW Honors Program and was selected as a member of the first Husky 100 group in 2016.
She is giving an oral presentation titled "Divine Words, Divine Light: The Florentine Tradition in a Renaissance Annunciation" as part of Session 1E, which takes place in Mary Gates Hall 238 from 12:30-2:15pm.