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Transitions 2017

Submitted on September 7, 2017 - 12:22pm

Every year the School experiences a variety of changes. As autumn quarter begins, here are the shifts involving faculty and staff since around this time last year.

Mariama Salia joined the School's administrative team in September 2016, just after we posted last year's transitions. She is a Fiscal Specialist and is an important part of our fiscal staff.

The Jacob Lawrence Gallery saw a change in leadership. Scott Lawrimore departed for new opportunities out of state. Emily Zimmerman dove into the position in early 2017 and has kept a heady pace since day one as she continues the work to reinvigorate the Gallery.

Katherine Gold retired from her half-time Program Assistant role in Academic Advising and Student Services at the end of April 2017. Catherine Ruha, who was the other half-time Program Assistant in that office, departed in early June. Those two positions were reconfigured into one full-time Program Coordinator with increased advising responsibilities. Ariana Ortiz started in that role during July.

Leena Joshi, who was our half-time Marketing + PR Specialist extraordinaire since 2015, left for new adventures at the end of spring quarter 2017. Many of her duties have been split between Merith Bennett and Jeanette Mills.

After teaching for 23 years for the Painting + Drawing major, Professor Denzil Hurley retired in June 2017. He is still actively creating artwork. Be sure to see his exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum before it closes on November 5.

Art History Assistant Professor Ivan Drpić, who had his promotion and tenure approved earlier in 2017, departed in June to become an Associate Professor at University of Pennsylvania's History of Art Department.

Interaction Design Associate Professor Tad Hirsch resigned during summer 2017. He is moving to Boston to lead the Department of Art + Design at Northeastern University.

Michael Smith joined the Division of Design last year as a Senior Lecturer and Director for the interdisciplinary Master of Human Computer Interaction and Design (MHCI+D). Justin Hamacher — who held a two-year, Lecturer (full-time) position in Design and MHCI+D — completed that contract in June 2017.

Industrial Design Lecturer JT Milhoan has departed after teaching full-time during the 2016–2017 academic year. Michael Kritzer, of Always Good Company, will be teaching as a Lecturer (full-time) for Industrial Design during the 2017–2018 academic year.

Kolya Rice has taught for the Division of Art History off and on for two decades as well as teaching since 2011 at Cascadia Community College in Bothell. For the coming academic year, he will be a Lecturer (full-time), teaching courses both in the classroom and online.

Lacey Baradel is joining the Division of Art History this month as the Kollar Fellow and Acting Assistant Professor (temporary). Read more about her.