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Graduate Recruitment Awards

Submitted on October 5, 2017 - 12:30pm

New graduate students started classes on Wednesday, September 27, and were welcomed to the School of Art + Art History + Design in an evening event that included: an exhibition reception for Material Performance: Second Year MFA in the Jacob Lawrence Gallery; self-introductions to a crowd of faculty, staff, and School Advisory Board members; a BBQ dinner; and a looping slideshow of work by or research images related to the new students.

The School is able to attract outstanding students in art, art history, and design by building competitive financial packages for top graduate student applicants. Quarterly scholarships and fellowships for graduate students are funded from the following:

Blakemore Foundation
Doris Totten Chase Endowed Fund
Jane & David Davis Endowed Fellowship in Art
Boyer & Elizabeth Bole Gonzales Endowed Fund
Jacob & Gwendolyn Lawrence Art Scholarship
Louis & Katherine Marsh Scholarship in Art
Bruce C. McCready Endowed Memorial Fund
Lloyd W. Nordstrom Art Scholarship 
Kenneth L. Striker Scholarship
Victoria Reed Architectural History Research Award
Olive F. Lockitch Endowed Fund
Ruth E. Penington Endowed Art Scholarship
UW Graduate School

If you would like to support graduate students, please donate to this fund.

To learn about undergraduate student scholarships, read this news post.

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