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Suyama Space

Submitted on December 8, 2017 - 1:30pm
Site Machines by Tivon Rice
Tivon Rice, Site Machines in Suyama Space, 2014


Many in Seattle, and beyond, were saddened in 2015 when co-founders Beth Sellars and George Suyama announced that Suyama Space would be closing in less than two years. It had become a well-known venue for artistic experimentation and large-scale installations. Among the board members were Anne Focke (BA 1967) and Greg Kucera (BFA 1980).

Articles about Suyama Space closing:


Between 1999 and 2014, thirteen School alums and one faculty member were involved in exhibitions at Suyama Space:


In October of this year, a book titled Suyama Space 1998–2017 was released. It is a well-illustrated monograph that beautifully documents the exhibitions. It also includes numerous essays. Among the text contributors are several additional people with School connections:

  • Suzanne Beal (MA 2008)
  • Elizabeth Bryant (BFA 1987, MA 2006)
  • Gayle Clemans (MA 2001, PhD 2011)
  • Randy Gragg (MFA 1987)
  • Kolya Rice (2017–2018 Lecturer Full-Time)
  • Carrie E.A. Scott (MA 2006)
  • Jake Seniuk (MFA 1983)

The book will be available in the UW Libraries as well as The Seattle Public Library and the King County Library System. It can also be purchased through Peter Miller.